The Women’s Empowerment Initiative by Tyra Hodge GoFundME Campaign

I  wanted a new life for me and my kids. If it was not for organizations that helped I would not have a PH.D.  I’m raising money for Parenting Connections, and any donation will help make impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.

I was once a homeless woman with two children. I had no hope and tried to die twice. I felt unloved and unlovely. The only job I could get was in clubs. Finally, I had enough and listened to a voice that whispered in my hear that said to go to school.

That day, I walked in to Alvin Community College and walked out with a scholarship. That week I had to other organizations arguing about who was going to pay for what for my college. The road was hard, I was homeless but I was in college.

I earned one degree, then a master’s. now I am Dr Tyra Hodge as of a couple weeks ago. My goal is to visit every shelter in the United States and tell my story to women , men, and children whomever needs to hear it. I want a home where exdancers can live and go to college. I have been a teacher now for many years and now feel lead to reach out to people that want to come out of the ashes. I can not afford to walk for my graduation but would like to launch my initiatives.

Getting my doctorate was about letting those that feel trapped know that all things are possible when you trust the voice from the Lord.

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