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TMA Software Announces Switch to Servoy Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for CMMS



2008-04-01 07:00:00

TMA Software Announces Switch to Servoy Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for CMMS

TULSA, OK–( EMWNews – April 1, 2008) – TMA Systems announces today at their annual

conference their strategic decision to switch to Servoy as the primary

platform for their software product. In a keynote speech John C. Smith,

CEO, details the reasons why his firm has chosen Servoy’s ultra-thin client

deployment platform as the future for TMA Systems. Along with Smith,

Managing Director of Servoy USA, Bob Cusick, will take the stage to explain

how Servoy entered into a long-term partnership with TMA Systems in a

unique “ISV Assurance” program to insure that TMA is successful in this

critical transition.

Why Servoy? Smith outlines that his clients are demanding software that can

be accessed via the web on any browser. Additionally, Servoy is standards

based (Java/JavaScript/XML) and deploys on all modern operating systems

(Windows/Mac/Linux/Solaris) — meeting TMA’s diverse customers needs. TMA

also found that Servoy was 2 to 5 times faster to develop in than .NET or

straight Java. “We found after extensive research and trial & error, that

it was best for us to partner with a growing company (Servoy) that was

willing to enter into a contract with us to ensure our conversion success.”

Servoy’s zero-deployment environment was also a key selling feature. “With

Servoy, customers will not have to visit each and every machine for initial

installations and maintenance releases. Servoy runs off an application

server — so it rolls out (or back) remotely. This also sets us up to offer

Software as a Service (SaaS) in the future.”

Cusick will take center stage to demonstrate Servoy’s capabilities to the

crowd of over 500 attendees. “Servoy will allow TMA end users to create and

add their own reports to the report manager — a feature highly requested

in the past.” Also, because Servoy can connect to any SQL (or multiple SQL)

databases at the same time — end users will be able to access more data

and turn it into reports that meet their specific needs. “Servoy offers

advanced User Interface (UI) options that allows the end-user to open

multiple windows, type-ahead (guess-for-you) fields and movable column

headers,” according to Cusick.

Additionally, Servoy is the only cross-platform environment to offer data

broadcasting — meaning if one user changes his/her data and a different

user is viewing that same data, the both users will see the change in real

time. Servoy pushes the changes out to all clients. “We are very happy with

our long-term agreement to assist TMA’s development team in their switch to

Servoy. Our developers have been literally working side-by-side with TMA’s

excellent staff to make sure we help them hit deadlines and stay within

budget. We are excited to be partners with such a world-class operation,”

said Cusick.

For more than twenty years, TMA Systems has been recognized as a

world-class provider of advanced Computerized Maintenance Management

Systems – (CMMS). These software solutions are for organizations that want

to effectively manage their assets and streamline their maintenance

operations. They count among their customers 1,300 organizations who

maintain more than 37,000 facilities, representing 2.5 billion square feet

of property, including American Airlines, Cirque de Soleil, and The Mayo


For more information, please visit Servoy, BV is an

international firm that creates a powerful application development and

deployment software used by independent software vendors (ISVs), businesses

and consultants in over 25 countries. It can be deployed to the laptop,

handheld or the web all from a single code base. Based on Java — Servoy

uses a powerful scripting language that makes it the fastest RAD tool on

the market. Features of Servoy include AJAX, http tunneling and

secure-by-default security features. With one-code base, ISVs can deploy to

the web or on-premise. Choosing to move to Software as a Service (SaaS) is

a built-in option, due to the unique nature of Servoy’s one-code base. It

is the logical choice for all ISVs.

For more information, please contact Brenda Duncan at 805-624-4959 x802,

via cell phone at 805-218-9790 or via email at [email protected]

Brenda Duncan

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