to Start A New Life

I don’t know where to begin……I know to my family, it may seem like I always need some kind of help and I am grateful for everything that my family has done for me in the past, from my wife, my mother, my brother, my aunt, they have all done so much to help me. I hate asking but I don’t know where else to turn. This is the hardest thing for me to do and I am so ashamed for needing to do this but I feel that I need to if I am going to get though this. As you all know, I have been struggling with my weight almost my entire life. The only time I didn’t was when I was in the Navy and was pretty slim and trim…(for a while) I have watched my weight go up and up and up with a few times going down due to diets and medications only to gain the weight back plus some extra. I have Diabetes, high blood pressure, Depression, Anxiety, circulation disorders in legs, pain in my knees and ankles, all of which are the results of my weight. I am so ashamed of my weight that I am afraid to even say how much I weigh. I have tried many different diets and have taken different medications to try and reduce my weight, as I said before, I would lose some weight but then it seems like I would regain the weight with a little extra to go with it. I am scared of not being around much longer, so scared that I think I need to take drastic action to improve my health and lose weight. I have discussed options with my doctors and all of them have recommended for me to have medical weight-loss surgery. I am looking to get the Gastric Sleeve done as this is one of the most affordable and more effective procedures from what I have been told.

Gastric sleeve patients typically lose +70% of excess body weight in under two years.

Gastric sleeve surgery removes up to 85% of the stomach where the hunger hormone ghrelin is produced. The effect is that our patients reduce their food intake down to a normal and acceptable level in order to reach their weight loss goals. In addition our patients feel less hunger and overcome the desire to eat. The procedure typically takes as little as 45 minutes to perform and has one of the highest sucess rates in the industry. Bariatric surgery has also been shown to reduce the risk of mortality by 89% along with a list of other improvements.

So, I am trying to raise money to help me get this surgery as soon as I can. I have medical insurance, however my plan doesn’t cover anything to do with weight-loss (how does that make nay sense?) I am trying to raise $5000 to help cover the cost of the surgery and airfare to the location to have the surgery and also help out with the week that I would have to be off work. I know it is a lot of me to ask my family and friends to help and I will be grateful for anything that you can help with. This money would help me to start a new chapter in my life, one that has a brighter future for me and my family.

Thank you in advance and I love each and every one of my family and friends.