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Tri Electric’s Latest Electric Cart Now Operational at Tambaram Railway Station

Tri Electric India Private Limited is a leading electric golf cart manufacturer in India ,recently launched its Battery Operated Electric Carts Vehicles in Tambaram Railway Station , Chennai

Chennai, Tamil Nadu Jun 11, 2024 ( – Tri Electric India Private Limited Located at Gummidipoondi, Tamil Nadu is a leading golf cart manufacturer in India, recently launched its latest AQUILA EV® electric cart at Tambaram Railway Station, Chennai. This new eco-friendly vehicle is set to enhance passenger mobility and comfort, offering a sustainable solution for intra-station transport.

Key Features of the Electric Cart:

Eco-Friendly: Zero emissions for a cleaner environment.
Efficiency: High-performance electric motor ensuring reliable service.
Comfort: Ergonomic design for passenger ease and safety.

Innovation in Public Transport: Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is reflected in this launch, aimed at improving the passenger experience at one of Chennai’s busiest railway stations. Our electric buggies will facilitate easier movement within the station, especially for the elderly and differently-abled passengers.

Tri Electric’s latest electric cart represents a significant leap forward in sustainable transportation technology. By integrating this eco-friendly vehicle into the operations at Tambaram Railway Station, Tri Electric is enhancing the convenience and efficiency of passenger movement within the station. This initiative is particularly beneficial for the elderly and those with mobility challenges, making transit smoother and more accessible.

Benefits at Railway Stations: The electric cart significantly improves the passenger experience at railway stations by:

Facilitating Easy Movement: Ensuring quick and comfortable transit for passengers from one end of the station to the other.
Reducing Congestion: Alleviating pedestrian congestion, especially during peak hours.
Enhancing Accessibility: Providing a convenient mode of transport for passengers with heavy luggage, the elderly, and those with disabilities.
Boosting Operational Efficiency: Streamlining operations within the station by reducing the time it takes for passengers to reach their platforms.

Future Plans: Tri Electric plans to expand its eco-friendly transportation solutions to more railway stations and public spaces across India, contributing to a greener and more efficient urban mobility network.

Looking Ahead:

Tri Electric envisions a future where sustainable mobility solutions are ubiquitous across India. The deployment at Tambaram Railway Station is just the beginning. Tri Electric plans to introduce its electric carts to more railway stations and public spaces nationwide, supporting the country’s transition to greener urban mobility.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation:

Tri Electric is renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation. Each electric cart undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks to meet the highest standards of performance and safety. This commitment ensures that every vehicle not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

About Tri Electric: Tri Electric is one of the leading electric golf cart manufacturers in India dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative, and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. As a Top Electric Cart Manufacturer in India, we specialize in producing durable and high-performance vehicles with a manufacturing facility of over 1000 Vehicles Per year. Our carts are powered by batteries, not gas, so they’re good for the environment. They’re great for places like schools, hotels, and golf courses because they’re reliable and don’t pollute the air.

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Tri Electric Private Limited, Plot No D-5, SIPCOT Industrial Complex, Gummidipoondi, Tamil Nadu 601201

Source :Tri Electric India Private Limited

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