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2008-07-24 18:10:00 a Digg and Wiki Mashup?

RICHARDSON, Texas–(EMWNews)– is a debating site that allows users to submit articles and

blog posts, much like people do on Digg. This evidence can be submitted

in support or in opposition to a debate. This evidence is then rated by

users. The best of the evidence floats to the top, thus allowing users

to research topics, much like they do on Wiki.

Much like Digg users add news articles and blog pages to have them dugg

up or down, also accepts these types of submissions.

However, in UberSpat the user

rates the submission as it relates to evidence to the debate at hand.

UberSpat is an online debating community that allows users to submit any

debate of their choosing. Although online debating communities are not

necessarily a novel idea, the way UberSpat implements the idea is quite

unique. In UberSpat, users can submit articles that support or oppose a

particular side of a debate. That evidence can then be rated by others,

allowing the best evidence to float to the top. In this way, UberSpat

also becomes an excellent resource tool much like Wiki. People

interested in researching a particular topic such as Global

Warming can create their own debate, and watch the evidence roll in.

They can then read the evidence from both sides of the debate, and make

up their own mind.

Bloggers that like to debate can create debates on UberSpat that is

centered around their blogs. They can then submit those blog articles as

evidence to their debate. This provides them with a link back to their

own blogs and hopefully a better ranking on search engines such as


Scott Heber, Director of Technology for said, When

we started we were looking to build a better mouse trap for

debating and getting informed on the issues. We were tired of finding

web sites that dealt with only one side of an argument. We were tired of

finding low level Youre

a jerk! No, youre a jerk!

type exchanges. We were also tired of having to read through a whole

haystack of web documents hoping to find one valuable needle that did a

good job addressing a particular argument. With, users can

submit and rate arguments and evidence all the time. The net result is

that we are creating a reference for some of the critical issues of our

time as well as an arena for lively debate.

Users can register for free at

Uberspat, Inc., headquartered in Richardson, Texas is a leading

developer of innovative web applications and technology. For more

information, visit

Brian Yakman, 214-570-9559
[email protected]

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