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On Friday night (29 September) Cheryl Lynn Sutton (Davenport), the loving mother of four young children, was involved in a very tragic accident that left her in a coma with brain damage. Unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries two and a half days later and passed away. She was only 30 years old. Cheryl was a dedicated, loving, and amazing mother, sister, aunt, cousin, and niece. Her passion in life were her four beautiful children: Nicholas (11), Elizabeth (9), Tyler (8), and Jazmin (4). Her children were her absolute world. Cheryl had a way of lighting up any room that she entered. She was known to have a very large, kind, and loving heart- and she never hesitated to help others when they were in need. Her beauty, selflessness, compassionate nature, and kindness will forever be remembered by every person who was blessed enough to have met such a wonderful young woman, and her legacy will live on through each of her children. Unfortunately, Cheryl’s unexpected death has placed a financial hardship on her surviving family members, as she had no insurance or savings. I am kindly asking for your generous assistance through donation in an attempt to help assist in the costs that Cheryl’s sudden passing has incurred. This price range includes assistance with any cremation and memorial services needed, as well as assistance to help support her four children. All prayers and kind wishes are greatly appreciated, and we want to thank each and every one of you for your kind support. God bless

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