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An immigrant Muslim woman struggles to find her identity in a new America.

There has been no better time to tell this story.

I am Mostafa Keshvari, Unmasked’s director, producer, and screenwriter. 

As an Iranian/Canadian filmmaker affected by the recent travel ban, I can relate to those suffering such injustices around the world. In addition to my own experiences, global movements fighting issues of white supremacy and gender inequality have inspired me to tell this powerful female-driven story that reveals the stigma of being a Muslim immigrant in America. My vision is to remove the wall between insiders and outsiders, and in doing so, unmask the similarities found in our humanity.

I am also passionate about the empowerment and representation of women and minorities. Like my previous films, Unmasked will feature a strong female lead and will have a diverse female-dominant cast and crew. 

After 2 years of developing the script, it is finally time for Unmasked take its next step.

Calling all humanitarians—we need your help.

Although we have already raised the minimum budget to make the film, your contribution will help immensely to increase our global reach and to improve both production and post-production quality. Our goal is to send the film to festivals all over the world in order to share important information about discrimination, sexism, and the struggles of immigrants in North America. However, festival submissions, marketing, and visual effects can be very expensive—please join us in our endeavour to spread awareness about these important social issues. 

With ‘Unmasked,’ I have the incredible opportunity to tell an authentic and empowering story, and as my feature film debut, I am excited to see where the journey takes us. In the past, my short films have been featured in Cannes Film Festival, amongst others—I am confident we can make it there again and even further. For more information about me and my film history, please check out these articles and links: 

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The Perks!

In less than a week, we will begin shooting in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Come join us on set, at our afterparty and/or our private screening! Just choose from our selection of unique and exclusive perks—we also offer digital downloads, live-stream access, festival tickets and much more!

Choose a DervishDubai t-shirt—designed by yours truly. Decorated with different culture-inspired quotes and designs, these t-shirts encourage peace and humanity. Available in black and white.

We want to promote acceptance and understanding in an increasingly diverse world. Together, we can take steps toward building a more inclusive and compassionate future.

Other Ways to Help

Spread the word! Please share our project with your friends, family, coworkers, neighbours, etc. Every contribution makes a huge impact—we are so appreciative of any support you can offer.

Let’s make the world a better place—one story at a time! 

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