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Upstart Lawyer Brings Johnson & Johnson to a Long-Awaited Justice

2008-07-16 09:39:00

A five-year journey for justice is finally coming to an end for an

11-year-old girl and her family after the girl was left legally blind

following an allergic reaction to Children’s

Motrin. The lawsuit led by Dan Balaban of the Law Offices of Brian D.

Witzer and co-tried with Browne Greene of the Law Offices of Greene

Broillet & Wheeler is expected to end in a verdict that

brings awareness to consumers and some relief to Sabrina Johnson’s


MALIBU, Calif.–(EMWNews)–Like many mothers and fathers would do, Sabrina Johnsons

parents gave her Childrens Motrin when she

came home from school with a slight fever. Within 36 hours, she was

admitted to Cedars-Sinai Hospital for the chemical burns to her eyes

caused by the drug. This severe allergic reaction was the result of a

rare condition called Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

According to the plaintiffs attorneys, as

many as 20 people had been blinded, seriously injured, or killed by

Children’s Motrin between its introduction to consumers in the 1990s and

2003 when Sabrina Johnson took the drug. However, the lawsuit (Los

Angeles Superior Court — Court Case No.: TC 018540) claims that Johnson

& Johnson failed to warn parents and physicians of the possible side

effects such as blisters, redness, and rash-like symptoms that ibuprofen

could cause. Anthony R. Temple, former executive medical director for

Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil Consumer Products subsidiary, said he was

aware of more than 40 cases of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome since Sabrinas

hospitalization. According to the lawsuit, warnings about the full

extent of these serious allergic side effects are still missing from the

labels, despite a 2006 FDA order that McNeil Consumer Products, the

manufacturer of Childrens Motrin, list them

on the label.

However, that may be about to change, thanks to the efforts of Dan

Balaban of the Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer (

Balaban has led a five-week lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson that is

expected to end in a verdict that brings awareness to consumers and some

relief to Sabrina Johnsons family. Balaban

believes that Sabrina Johnson represents just one of hundreds of victims

of Childrens Motrin. He comments, There

are probably many more cases that go unreported due to the lack of

awareness on the part of consumers, and even healthcare providers such

as doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

One might not have predicted that Balaban would be leading this crusade.

In 2006, he was simply an assistant in the law offices of Brian D.

Witzer. But his intellectual curiosity quickly won him a role

contributing insights and advice to Witzers

cases. He completed law school only two years ago, has become a partner

in the law firm, and now is bringing Sabrina Johnsons

case his second as lead attorney

to a successful completion.

Balabans success is no surprise to Brian

Witzer, who began taking him to arbitrations, trials, and settlements

just two months after he hired Balaban. Witzer explains, Dan

is absolutely brilliant. He has skills I didnt

think existed until I met him and would not have believed existed until

I personally observed them.

Balaban is an integral part of the law offices of Brian D. Witzer, which

began as a boutique practice specializing in medical malpractice and

premises liability actions. Now the firm is a nationally recognized and

formidable force in pharmaceutical product litigation, environmental

spoliation, and pioneers in toxic mold litigation. The firm also

practices in construction defect cases, insurance bad faith, and complex

personal injury matters. The firm is known for its extremely high level

of preparation for trial and persuasive trial presentation that relies

on state-of-the-art equipment for exhibit presentation.

These strengths have been critical in bringing justice to Sabrina Johnsons

family and protection to the potential victims of Childrens

Motrin. Dan Balaban of Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer Law Firm and

Browne Greene, multiple-time winner of the Trial Lawyer of the Year

honors in California tried the case to verdict. Browne Greene is a

partner at the law offices of Greene Broillet & Wheeler.

Law Offices of Brian D. Witzer
Nicole Chiari, 310-777-5999
[email protected]

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