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VAP Cholesterol Test Helps Reveal Association Between Adiponectin Levels and Atherosclerosis

2008-07-21 08:00:00

VAP Cholesterol Test Helps Reveal Association Between Adiponectin Levels and Atherosclerosis

     Detailed lipid profile helps clinicians identify risk in patients,

   including non-diabetics, despite normal LDL levels and statin therapy

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala., July 21 /EMWNews/ -- Using the VAP Cholesterol

Test from Atherotech, researchers have identified a link between

adiponectin and heart disease progression. The information could help

physicians trying to pinpoint the most effective cholesterol and heart

disease risk-lowering treatments in at-risk patients.

    The association between low adiponectin levels, abnormal lipids, and

increased coronary atherosclerosis was confirmed using the expanded

cholesterol profiling capabilities of the VAP Test plus an adiponectin

assay as part of an Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) substudy of the

Diabetes Genome Project.

    The single-center, prospective gene and biomarker banking registry was

designed to collect extensive clinical and anatomic information on patients

undergoing coronary angiography. For the substudy, fasting blood samples

were collected from 185 patients undergoing coronary angiography and IVUS.

Lipoprotein subclasses were measured by the VAP Test; adiponectin was

measured using an immunoassay from R&D Systems.

    Results of the study, published in the May issue of Diabetes Care,

showed that low adiponectin levels are associated with small dense LDL

cholesterol, increased plaque volume as measured by lipid-rich plaques, and

a higher prevalence of IVUS-derived thickening of the inner-lining of blood

vessels in non-diabetic patients. Seventy five percent of the patients were

taking cholesterol lowering statins and had LDL cholesterol levels well

below the required cut-off for study inclusion of 100mg/dL as well as

normal HDL cholesterol levels and normal triglycerides.

    "The VAP Test allowed us to define the relationship between adiponectin

and circulating lipids," said Principal Investigator Steve Marso, M.D. "Had

we not characterized the LDL subparticles we would not have found the

association between adiponectin and small dense LDL, as there was not one

between adiponectin and total LDL. This relationship between adiponectin

and small dense LDL moieties may prove to be an important link in

understanding the risk for patients to develop lipid laden atheroma."

    The VAP Test provides researchers and medical professionals with direct

measurement of LDL, HDL and all relevant subclasses, and includes non-HDL,

a highly accurate determination of apoB, and emerging risk factors (such as

Lp(a), remnants, and small dense LDL.)

    "This indicates that even patients whose cholesterol results appear

normal or who are on therapy may still harbor a significant atherogenic

burden leading to the development of vulnerable plaques and narrowed

arteries," said James Ehrlich, M.D., Atherotech's chief medical officer.

"For the clinician, this demonstrates the value of identifying and lowering

the substantial residual risk that remains despite aggressive statin

monotherapy. A key feature of the comprehensive VAP Test is the

identification of the major lipid components of residual risk leading to

proper individualized therapy."

    VAP technology has been used in more than 100 clinical trials and will

continue to play an important role in clinical practice and -- as

demonstrated by the present study -- as a valuable analytical research

tool. The VAP Test is available nationwide. For more information on the VAP

Test for research and clinical trial applications, call 877.901.8510 or

e-mail [email protected].

    About Atherotech, Inc.

    Atherotech is a cardio-diagnostic company focusing on direct

measurement of the comprehensive lipid panel using the company's patented

VAP Technology. The VAP Test directly measures the cholesterol content of

all lipids, components and subclasses. It is the first cholesterol profile

to comply with updated National Cholesterol Education Program ATP III

recommendations calling for more accurate, direct low-density lipoprotein

(LDL) measurement, which is unaffected by triglycerides. The VAP

Cholesterol Test -- the new standard of care for patients at risk for

cardiovascular disease -- is available through national and regional

diagnostic laboratories and is reimbursed by most payers as well as

Medicare. For more information, visit

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