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Vineyard National Bancorp Shareholders Update

2008-08-04 12:30:00

Vineyard National Bancorp Shareholders Update

    NEW YORK, Aug. 4 /EMWNews/ -- Jon Salmanson and Norman Morales,

longtime shareholders of Vineyard National Bancorp ("Vineyard" or the

"Company") (Nasdaq: VNBC), announced today that due to the inability to

gain approval from the holding company regulators for Mr. Morales to serve

as the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer and as a director,

Mr. Morales has withdrawn his application and will not serve as a director

of the Company if elected. Following his withdraw, Thomas Koss II has also

decided that he will not serve as a director if elected. However, Messrs.

Salmanson and Morales will support the election of the previously nominated

slate of five directors. The recommended slate of directors is qualified

and prepared to complete the initiatives previously laid out by Messrs.

Salmanson and Morales.

    While Mr. Morales will not be serving in any management capacity or as

a director of the Company or its' subsidiary, Vineyard Bank, his support of

and commitment to the alternative slate of five directors that he and Jon

Salmanson have proposed is unwavering.

    We intend to cumulate all votes represented by proxies for the

remaining five nominees at the forthcoming annual meeting of shareholders

to be held on Tuesday, August 5, 2008, at the Doubletree Hotel in Ontario,

California. Messrs. Salmanson and Morales feel strongly that the urgency of

the corrective actions needed to be accomplished, including an immediate

capital restoration plan, can only be accomplished by the proposed

alternative slate of directors.

    According to Jon Salmanson, "While we are disappointed with this

direction by the regulatory agencies, our remaining slate is as committed

as ever to the Vineyard franchise. Norm has provided great vision and

credible solutions to the problems facing Vineyard. Our proposed slate

strongly believes in this vision, and has the energies and resources to

accomplish what we have started. Our commitment of significant amounts of

our personal resources in this effort shows our strong belief in both the

short and long term prospects for Vineyard."

    Morales and Salmanson confirmed that they continue to solicit proxies

for the election of their proposed nominees to the board of directors of


    Jon Salmanson also confirmed the proposed slates' intent to pursue a

capital restoration plan that would provide Vineyard with a significant

level of regulatory capital, liquidity and flexibility for its operations.

The capital restoration plan has been developed in conjunction with the

proposed nominees for election to the Board of Directors, and the financial

advisors to the group, which include Friedman, Billings, Ramsey & Co., Inc.

and Howe Barnes Hoefer Arnett, Inc.

    Mr. Morales stated, "We believe that a fundamental key to Vineyard's

success is to raise significant additional capital. While the Board

election had been proceeding, we have taken meaningful steps to work with

financial and other advisers so that the new Board can begin implementation

of a capital strategy immediately if our recommended nominees are elected.

This capital strategy has been developed in recognition of and will reflect

the current conditions at Vineyard. Our proposed slate of directors is

qualified, prepared and has a plan to act to address the challenges facing

Vineyard, unlike the current Board that continues to operate without a plan

for success."

    The ability of the proposed slate of nominees to execute its proposed

plans, if elected, will depend on a number of factors, including market

conditions at the time. Morales commented, "Our efforts continue to be

focused on the election of our slate of nominees, the execution of our

strategic initiatives in a very challenging economic market place, and

rebuilding shareholder value and confidence. We also continue to focus on

the interests of Vineyard's customers and its employees. We urge all of the

Company's shareholders to vote for our proposed slate of directors, so that

they can commence the immediate task of rebuilding the Vineyard franchise."

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