ViXL-3D Mesh Viewer and Math Add-in for Microsoft Excel

Add a Whole New Dimension to Excel

ViXL-3D is an acronym for “3D Visualizer for Excel.” It’s a 3D mesh generator and viewer add-in for Microsoft Excel. Its purpose is to enable Excel users to visualize their data as 3D point clouds, convex hulls, surface meshes and height (topographic) maps. This is something you can’t easily do in Excel today, which is what prompted us to start the ViXL project, because we needed a way to look at our own data in 3D. Now, we want to make this same tool available to the rest of the Excel community – over 300 million users! But we need your help to do it.

ViXL-3D was created for engineers, researchers, financial analysts, educators, scientists, technicians, artists and developers of technical software. It renders data in an Excel worksheet as a 3D mesh that can be panned, zoomed and rotated in real time; displayed with different material types and lighting effects; colorized; exported to polygon files (for import into various CAD and mesh applications); saved as bitmaps; and, output as video clips.

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