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Wall Street Institute Establishes Educational Advisory Board

2008-08-04 09:18:00

Wall Street Institute Establishes Educational Advisory Board

 Distinguished Scholars from the Fields of Second Language Acquisition and

       Online Learning to Participate on Newly Formed Advisory Board

    BALTIMORE, Aug. 4 /EMWNews/ -- Wall Street Institute, the world's

premier provider of English language instruction, has established an

Educational Advisory Board comprised of distinguished members from the

academic community. The Board's Mission is to advise and guide the company

on key issues related to English language learning.

    The company, which was established in 1972, has always been a leader in

English language education, and pioneered the application of Blended

Learning to English language teaching. The company's proprietary learning

method helps students learn to speak English by immersing them in the

language through a blend of computer- and print-based instruction and

teacher-led classes. The establishment of the new Educational Advisory

Board reflects the company's strong commitment to providing top quality

education to its 160,000 students around the world.

    "As English is increasingly becoming the international language of

business, people of all nationalities and cultural backgrounds are seeking

to learn how to communicate effectively in English to help them achieve

their goals," said Tim Daniels, Wall Street Institute's Chairman and CEO.

"The new Educational Advisory Board will ensure that Wall Street Institute

keeps abreast of new research and ideas in the field of English language

learning. This will help Wall Street Institute deliver the best education

possible to our students using the latest research and techniques in second

language acquisition."

    In addition to Wall Street Institute management, the new Educational

Advisory Board is made up of distinguished scholars from the fields of

Second Language Acquisition and Online Learning:

    -- Dr. Mike Milanovic, CEO of The University of Cambridge ESOL


    -- Professor Mike Long, Professor of Second Language Acquisition and

Director of the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, University

of Maryland

    -- Professor Carol Chapelle, Professor of TESL and Applied Linguistics,

Iowa State University

    -- Dr. Klaus Schwienhorst, Director of the Languages for Special

Purposes Unit at Leibnitz University, Hanover, Germany

    "The members of the new Advisory Board are all thought leaders in their

fields, and we are honored that they have agreed to participate. The

Advisory Board will help ensure that Wall Street Institute's teaching

methods remain innovative and founded on sound academic principles, so as

to help our students achieve their language learning goals," said Simon

Buckland, Wall Street Institute's Director of Curriculum Development.

    The Educational Advisory Board is Wall Street Institute's latest

commitment to strengthening their reputation for educational excellence.

The company recently announced the findings of an Alignment Study that

proved that the company's coursework aligned to the globally recognized

Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFR) English

Proficiency Scales.

    "The results of the Alignment Study demonstrated that Wall Street

Institute's curriculum is well-grounded and effective," said Buckland. "The

study had global implications for English language instruction, as people

who want to learn English need to have some assurance that they are

studying in an institution with valid and proven instruction and assessment

methods. We hope to undertake more projects such as this under the guidance

of the new Educational Advisory Board."

    The Educational Advisory Board's first meeting will occur in October.

Please visit Wall Street Institute's website at

for more information about the Advisory Board and its members.

    About Wall Street Institute

    Wall Street Institute ( is the premier

provider of English instruction for individuals and corporate clients

around the world. The Company's proprietary and innovative blended learning

method integrates the best of proven learning approaches to provide the

most effective English language instruction available for adults. Students

listen, read, write, speak, and practice English with guidance and support

from highly trained native English speaking teachers. Wall Street

Institute's curriculum is aligned to the Common European Framework

Reference for Languages (CEFR), according to a study undertaken with the

support of the University of Cambridge English for Speakers of Other

Languages Examination group (CESOL). Utilizing both company-owned and

franchised centers, Wall Street Institute has provided instruction to over

2 million students in over 400 centers in 27 countries and territories in

Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Founded in 1972, Wall

Street Institute's international offices are in Baltimore, Maryland in the

United States, Barcelona, Spain, and Luxembourg. Wall Street Institute is

owned by the private equity firm, The Carlyle Group.

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