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Four years ago our family purchased our first home. Excited and over joyed, we finally felt as though we were starting to accomplish some of our life dreams. Our home is being purchased through a “rent to own” contract. Although our purchasing agreement between the sellers and ourselves (the buyers) wasn’t done in a traditional way (mortgaged through a bank), we still remained cautious enough to save a little extra and invest it retaining a mutual real estate lawyer.

The law firm drew up a contract using their expertises in home buying to create a legal document recording issues either sides may have and a solution that both sides agree upon. Plus monthly payment amount, due date, etc

In September we received a letter informing us the sellers filed bankruptcy. A few days later we received a verbal notice from Wells Fargo Bank that our home is 4300 dollars behind and no payments has been made since August!

When we checked the status of our last THREE MONTHS of payments given to sellers in the form of money orders to the sellers, they had cashed our checks but NOT paid on our home loan. Now we have to scramble and pay the last few months payments, plus late fees for each month missed, plus pay current month due IN FULL! Bank will not except partial payments.

Please help us stay in our home so we can continue to fight for it. We HAVE NO WHERE TO GO!! ALSO If we get put out first it’s way harder to prove our case of theft. Lord bless us

Media Contact:
Terra Banks
37 center drive
Seale, AL 36875
United States

Email: [email protected]
IP Address:
Phone: +1-334-650-2813

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4300 to catch up payments
64000 to payoff home entirely

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