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What are the benefits of choosing medical molecular sieve oxygen generator for oxygen supply?

Oxygen is very important for people, but also essential for the hospital, It plays a vital role in life support, critical rescue and rehabilitation physiotherapy. Currently, the hospital mainly uses cylinder oxygen, liquid oxygen, medical molecular sieve oxygen, and three kinds of oxygen supply. But many hospitals will also choose medical molecular sieve oxygen generator for oxygen supply, then medical molecular sieve oxygen generator for oxygen supply What are the benefits?


Safe oxygen source with oxygen

The compressed oxygen pressure in the cylinder is very high, which makes it easy to explode during transportation, handling and storage due to improper operation and management; Liquid oxygen is ultra-low temperature, careless contact during vaporization will cause severe injuries to personnel, and liquid oxygen tank oxygen storage is very large, in case of leakage, a large amount of liquid oxygen pressure vaporization, forming local air with extremely high oxygen concentration.


Great explosion risk

The frequent occurrence of traditional oxygen source accidents has sounded the safety alarm to hospitals and related industries, and choosing a safe and reliable molecular sieve oxygen production system can greatly reduce safety risks:

1, the medical molecular sieve oxygen generator uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption, pure physical oxygen makes the harmful components in oxygen (such as hydrocarbons and solid substances, etc.) content lower than the limit of national standards, oxygen is safer;

2, the working pressure of molecular sieve oxygen generator equipment is lower than 0.6Mpa(bottled oxygen pressure is 15Mpa, liquid oxygen pressure is 10Mpa), one key start and stop, oxygen is made and used, oxygen storage tank is very little, relatively higher safety;

3, the hospital uses oxygen supply equipment, if the oxygen concentration can not be monitored in real time, there will be many uncontrollable safety accidents, and the use of molecular sieve oxygen equipment, you can install molecular sieve oxygen generator at the same time, equipped with precision monitoring system, in case of dangerous conditions (such as fire, earthquake) can automatically shut down the system, but also can monitor the oxygen concentration. Improved oxygen control and safety.


Economic oxygen source increases efficiency

In addition to safety, hospitals need to consider a very important factor when choosing oxygen sources, that is, the economy. In terms of economy, the molecular sieve oxygen generator also has its unique advantages:

1. Molecular sieve oxygen generator uses air as raw material to produce oxygen, which only needs to consume a small amount of energy;

2, the oxygen produced by the oxygen generator is directly used through the oxygen absorption port, without manual handling, reducing labor costs;

3, oxygen generator can be installed in the hospital’s indoor, roof, no need to build stations like liquid oxygen, or repair special road transportation, which to a certain extent also saves a lot of cost for the hospital;

4, the use of PSA medical oxygen technology can also improve the hospital’s diagnosis and treatment level to a new level, so that the hospital has a more institutionalized, scientific and modern management model, so as to achieve more significant economic and social benefits.


Hunan Techray Medical Technology Co,.Ltd specialized in PSA Modular Oxygen Generator Systems which includes researching, designing, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales service since 2007.

Techray has full certifications, like CE, ISO9001, ISO13485 and 90 national invention patents and technology patents, 18 professional qualifications, 8 Quality Management Systems and so on. Techray has already provided high quality service to more than 3,000 hospitals in China. In addition, Techray has cooperated with 36 countries in the international market. And Techray kept a record of the best sales for the last 6 years in China.


Techrays 4th Medical PSA oxygen system is designed for large and middle-sized hospitals, It adopts unique modular technology with updates to 12 new technologies upon the two absorber oxygen systems. At the same time. The System uses high efficiency lithium molecular sieve as adsorption material. It can protect the molecular sieve with circulating air blow technology and molecular sieve layer technology. It can be made sure the system can work well in different environments for more than 10 years, such as High humidity, High temperature, high salt and plateau areas.

Also, Techray has two types of integrated oxygen systems, one is designed for big large and middle-sized hospitals and the other one is designed for community clinics and small sized hospitals. The highly integrated oxygen system doesnt need to get the pressure vessel certificate, has small space, easy installation and the pressure is 0.3-0.6Mpa.


Quality is our core and your satisfaction is our eternal goal.


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