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Wheels For school Food Care EVAN CHRISTENSEN GoFundME ViralExposure.Co Campaign

I am trying to raise money for car I am on disability and find it very difficult to save any money while I’m scraping by. However with the additional time I have on my hands I have come to live with my grandmother and help her out cheese getting older and finding it harder to get things done at the house and as I may be disabled I’m capable of mowing lawns and doing laundry, dishes, cleaning, and any light work needed that I can handle. But a little over a year ago now I got an car accident and our transportation has taken a major hit.

We are able to get around for our necessities like groceries and doctors appointments along with help from family members except they do live quite a distance away from us. We live in a small town of about 1200 people we are only about 10 miles from the nearest community that has everything we need it’s just getting a ride when we need anything on the spur of the moment and of course paying for rides from the state to get to and from Doctor appointments when needed but of course it would be so much more convenient to have a vehicle to get us around when needed as well we won’t need to rely on or ask Friends or family to the point we feel as if we are becoming a bother.

So I hope this assistance and help you guys provide can get us to our goals. THANK YOU!!!


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/5yzi5a8

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