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WISASTA Pit Avoidance Guide: How to choose a second-hand concrete pump truck in one article, it is reliable!

Nowadays, the pump truck market is getting hotter and hotter, and second-hand pump trucks are attracting more and more attention due to their extremely high cost performance. Buying a pump truck with good performance at a lower price to go home, this “small input, large output” approach has been favored by more and more customers.


However, a lot of noise that followed is also confusing the public. The mixed market environment has caused many inexperienced buyers to be dazzled when choosing a car, and are attracted by the low prices of some second-hand cars.




Q: How to choose the brand of used pump truck?

Answer: In terms of the development history of pump trucks, Sany and Zoomlion are the mainstream. The quality of old cars of other brands is really not flattering, and parts are difficult to find. Comprehensive considerations give priority to buying Sany and Zhonglian brands, and other brands can be considered for cars within the past five years.


Q: How to choose the model of used pump truck?

Answer: Used cars are not as good as new cars, and the service attitude of the manufacturers is not that good. Due to the long lifespan, some repair parts have become scarce resources. Therefore, if you choose mainstream models to buy, the supply of spare parts resources will be smoother, subsequent repairs and maintenance will be more convenient, and the price will be more affordable. The mainstream models are 37m, 45m, 46m, 50m, 56m.


Q: How can I buy a good pump truck?

Answer: The trading process of second-hand pump trucks is cumbersome, the situation is complicated, and there are more links to be reviewed. Choosing a reliable second-hand pump truck trading platform not only saves a lot of trouble, but also ensures the safety and smooth progress of the transaction. Friends who need to purchase equipment do not need to deal directly with buyers for some small money, so as not to be deceived and suffer big losses. It is the best choice to choose a safe and secure platform to serve you.


Wisasta is members of HUNAN REMANUFACTURED ENGINEERING MACHINERY EXPORT INDUSTRY ALLIANCE. And Wisasta is one of six members which including SANY, ZOOMLION, SUNWARD, to help government to Standardize export used machines procedures and refurbished quality standards in Changsha Free Trade Zone, Hunan province.

We are mainly engaged in providing brand new and re-manufactured construction machines, like Concrete pump truck; Concrete mixer truck; Stationery concrete pump; Concrete mixer with pump; Concrete line pumps; Excavators; Drilling rig; Truck crane; Dump truck;Loader etc.

As our engineer team are engaging in construction machinery area more than 20 years, we have rich experience in the construction machinery refurbished, oversea export and after-service. We have had a reliable reputation among our customers.


We are mainly engaged in providing brand new and re-manufactured construction machines ,contact us for a quotation:


Tel+86 18874822688

Email[email protected]

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