World Around You FREE Exposure Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Team of two first year students created great Android application and we need Your help so we can let others know that there is application that will help them see nearby places and upcoming events in that place. It is really great application, you can check it out here : . This campaign is meant for us getting some money so we can print out some flyers and share them in places where people gather. Thank you.

My name is Marko and I am first year student of IT. With help of my friends, I have created my first Android application. The goal of this campaign is gathering funds so we can promote the application. I have gave myself a lot of effort to make it and I would like to share it with people.

Your contribution will help me reach the people and possibly help them out to find some nice nearby place to visit or maybe check out nearby upcoming events they maybe did not know there were.

The fund goal of this campaign is 500$ dollars.

I will spend them on creating flyers and pay some online advertisement.

Help me out without money
You can help even if you are not willing to make donation for this campaign. It is simple, share this application, let your friends and family know about it.…

Thank you for your support.

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