2 billion! Sequoia Capital, Envision Group, and Tata Group have made additional investments in the Carbon Neutral Alliance, with a focus on the digital development of carbon footprint management

2 billion! Sequoia Capital, Envision Group, and Tata Group have made additional investments in the Carbon Neutral Alliance, with a focus on the digital development of carbon footprint management

From a global perspective, there is still a significant flow of funds into ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investments. According to estimates from relevant institutions, “carbon neutrality” will bring an average annual investment in the green economy of over one trillion yuan and an annual output value of about 7 trillion yuan from 2025 to 2060. Facing the investment market with room for growth, the key to seizing opportunities lies in grasping the development trends of the carbon neutrality industry.

The Sixth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of the United Nations proposes that by 2050, changes in lifestyles and behaviors could reduce CO2 emissions by 40% to 70%. In the context of carbon neutrality development, our country is moving towards an era of “carbon reduction actions,” among which carbon footprint management has become one of the important pathways for the nation’s development towards carbon neutrality.


The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the State Administration for Market Regulation have issued the “Opinions on Accelerating the Establishment of a Product Carbon Footprint Management System,” setting forth short-term and medium-term goals. By 2025, the basic establishment of a national product carbon label certification system is expected, with the application scenarios of carbon footprint accounting and labeling significantly expanded in the areas of production, consumption, trade, and finance. International mutual recognition will be achieved for a number of key product carbon footprint accounting rules, standards, and carbon labeling. By 2030, the national product carbon label certification system will be fully established, with carbon labeling widely recognized by businesses and consumers. The main product carbon footprint accounting rules, standards, and carbon labeling will be internationally recognized, providing strong support for the comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development. The system also deploys key tasks in five areas: accounting rules and standards, background databases, carbon label certification systems, carbon footprint application scenarios, and international integration and mutual recognition, thereby constructing an overall framework for the product carbon footprint management system.

Currently, seizing the digital development of carbon footprint management has become another important direction in the development of the carbon neutrality sector, with many institutions already entering the field and setting up carbon footprint management supply chains.


Since its establishment, the Carbon Neutral Alliance platform has rapidly developed and achieved remarkable results, making outstanding contributions in energy transition, corporate low-carbon management, and societal low-carbon governance, among other areas. By the end of 2023, Sequoia Capital, Tata Group, and Citibank had already made an initial investment of 3 billion to support the platform’s “Carbon Reduction for All” initiative, benefiting numerous green enterprises across various industries as well as strategic partners of the platform. Numerous financial projects, low-carbon projects, and green innovation technology research and development efforts are currently underway.


Given the current opportunities for development in the context of carbon neutrality, and the Carbon Neutral Alliance’s exceptional performance in developing green, low-carbon, and energy projects, Sequoia Capital, Envision Group, and Tata Group have jointly made an additional investment of 2 billion in the Carbon Neutral Alliance platform. This further investment aims to assist the platform in expanding its development space in carbon governance, carbon finance, and carbon inclusion, offering more substantial investment returns to a broad range of green investors.

The specific investment flows can primarily be divided into five major sectors:


Direct Investments in Platform Projects: These include the Carbon Neutral Alliance’s overseas land contracting projects, green infrastructure projects, clean energy development projects, carbon management projects, green low-carbon supply chain projects, and carbon footprint management projects, among others.


Technological Innovation and Green Enterprise Incubation: Funding is mainly directed towards carbon reduction actions, green low-carbon supply chains, green finance, R&D and innovation in the technology chain of carbon footprint management, development and research of application technologies for carbon footprint scenarios, widespread carbon inclusion promotion, and platform development. Resources are allocated to green low-carbon projects and related enterprises with high potential, assisting them in quickly improving their energy and raw material carbon emission levels. This targeted approach supports energy-saving and carbon-reduction renovations, enhances productivity, secures higher green production benefits, and drives better returns for green investors.


Further Support for Green Technological Innovation and R&D: The investment focus includes new energy vehicle battery technology, hydrogen and fuel cell technology, new photovoltaic cells and component technology, floating offshore wind technology, high-power energy storage technology, green energy technology, environmental material technology, carbon sequestration technology, and digital technologies like AIGC large model construction.


Government-Corporate Relations and Public Advocacy: By establishing solid relationships with governments, the platform will actively manage resources to foster a positive tripartite relationship atmosphere among the government, platform, and cooperative enterprises. It aims to build effective communication mechanisms and, under the guidance of government and policies, assist enterprises in actively participating in public welfare construction projects and carbon-reduction economic activities. This contribution strengthens urban low-carbon development and enhances the social influence and brand image of green enterprises through effective public advocacy, further consolidating government-corporate relations and promoting sustainable enterprise development.


Platform Benefits and Member Subsidies: The plan for the additional investment funds includes comprehensive support for platform benefits and member subsidies. In 2024, the Carbon Neutral Alliance is expected to distribute over 100 million yuan in benefits and subsidies to members, including complete home electronics, furniture, mobile devices, new energy vehicles, and promotional bonuses. Simultaneously, supported by these funds, the platform will regularly organize large-scale public carbon-reduction activities in multiple cities with the participation of all members. It will also reasonably plan activity benefits, prizes, and bonuses to benefit more members, further increasing the platform’s public influence and expanding its membership base.

Construction of the Carbon Neutral Alliance China Headquarters: The construction plan for the Carbon Neutral Alliance China Headquarters has preliminarily passed the discussions among core members of the Carbon Neutral Alliance and has received comprehensive support from investors. The Carbon Neutral Alliance platform believes that the establishment of a zero-carbon headquarters in China symbolizes the organization’s continuous commitment to practicing carbon neutrality development on a global scale. It will also further promote and guide the green investment and development path of enterprise partners and all members in the future. It is reported that the zero-carbon China headquarters is being meticulously planned, and the relevant person in charge has not yet disclosed specific details. Please stay tuned for more information!


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