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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Malik’s Accident Fundraiser

Hello my name is Malik Shabazz, and I’m raising money for a car accident I was involved in. Both parties are trying to pay out of pocket instead of through insurance to keep it low since it was minimal damage. Please donate to help keep peace of mind and stress down

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Backpack ASG-1

Do you want to have your clothes safe, dry and clean or maybe your gadgets ready to work every time during your trip or journey? Don’t believe it is real? Сhoose our new backpack and check it yourself! What are our advantages? 1. You can choose the color you like. Do you want it to be Maroon-black, grey –blue or ...

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Mom of 5 needs vehicle +

On September 16, 2016 I was involved in a freak accident were a flying tire came crashing into my only means of transportation on the interstate. The other driver was ticketed for wreck less driving but insurance is only going to get me very little towards a new vehicle to accommodate a family of 6. My jeep is a complete ...

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My name is Jennifer I am trying to relocate me and my two small children to Georgia to be with family before we become homeless where we are in Florida. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Sweep N Sing CrowdFundingExposure.com FREE GoFundME Marketing

Technology is a powerful in the hands of a young child. It can an extremely harmful or extremely fun. Sweep N Sing is a toy to supports the fun side of technology and can really get the parents involved in the child’s sensitive development years. We have combined kids’ love of singing and cleaning to make the Sweep N Sing! ...

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