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A Good Word a Day GofundME Campaign

I am writing an Arts book about the Trump presidency designed to help people find the humor and relief from fear and anxiety in the midst of this apparent political disaster. The title of the book is:

“A Good Word a Day Keeps the Trumps Away! Harnessing the Power of Crackpot Poetry, Stupid Short Stories, and Make-Believe Essays to Save America.”

The title of the book offers the best indication of what the book is about. The poems, short stories, and essays are all very short, and represent parody, satirical essay, and contrived short stories meant to represent observations and ideas from many different perspectives, but all in a humorous manner. The book also includes original art, and will be available as soon as humanly possible.

It will be published as both a Kindle Book on, and as a print book which will also be available on Prints, T-Shjrts, and other related items will eventually be sold related to the Art and themes from the book.

I am a disabled USAF Veteran who served under the Reagan and Bush administrations as a Cryptolinguistic Specialist at the National Security Agency. I suffer from extreme Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to my military service, and am unable to work in any other capacity outside of Freelance Art and Writing. I am a Writer and Visual Artist who holds to the “Punk” and “Degenerate” artistic concepts. I lean heavily on “Dada and Surrealism.” In the past, I was a contributor to the HuffPost online news outlet, and have been published in larger newspapers and magazines in the past. Links to my work online are available upon request.

I have had a great deal of formal training in writing, and am currently working towards the final coursework in completion of a Baccalaureate level degree in English, along with degrees in other subject areas.

The money collected here will be used for the artistic resources necessary to complete the book, and for the services necessary to publish and promote the book properly.

I have lived for many years now with the strain of panic attacks, severe stress-related allergic asthma attacks, and all the commonly understood symptoms of PTSD. I have many medical issues, including metal spacers in my neck, and other neurological issues. My wife suffers from severe Bipolar Disorder and Psychosis, and has been court determined to be 100% disabled. I am also her primary care giver. I struggle on a day-today basis with severe depression, and occasional suicidal thoughts.

Because of my asthma, and living in the Southwest of the USA (because of the low cost of living here), I am unable to go outdoors much, and am a virtual “shut-in” in many respects. I am not a young man, and do not have any possibility of “starting over” in life without a potential career in the Arts. I would not only be eternally grateful for any assistance, but would also show my appreciation in the future via working towards establishing projects and options for others in similar circumstances.

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