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Help Samuel get his service dog GoFundME Campaign

Our family is trying to fund a seizure detection dog/medical helper dog for Samuel. Samuel has a complex Congenital Heart defect and recently had seizures due to what the doctors say was dehydration and or pain. The seizures are still a huge possibility now, even though he is on medication to help prevent them.

We feel that the dog will not only give us a bit of a warning, if a seizure were to ever happen again, but the dog would also give Samuel some comfort and companionship. We are hoping the dog might even help with physical and occupation therapy for Samuel.

Any and all funds will be to help pay for the training of the dog, our training on how to handle the dog, and the dog itself. We have found someone local to us that trains service dogs that is going to work with us as a family and he already has several dogs available. Most companies that do service dogs for young children have a multi-year wait list and do not guarantee that you will ever get a dog even after being on the wait list for years. We would love to have Samuel’s sooner, rather than later.

We are grateful for any donations or help that you are willing to offer. We love each and every one of our followers and thank you for your continuous support.


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