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They have endured SO much. 1st Jewels is diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor that she has been fighting since 2005. In 2011 they lost their oldest daughter at the age of 29.

In 2013 he succumbed to a kidney disease and had to start dialysis. It has been a long tough 12+ years for Jewels, 3+ years looking for a kidney for Alan. For the glory of a young man, Andy, he has stepped up and volunteered to donate a kidney. Throughout the years the expenses of traveling to Mayo for Jewels and Alan, plus Bismarck has added up to a significant financial strain.

Then we add the desire to assist Andy and his family, he wife and children are traveling to Bismarck with him, with travel expenses, food & lodging for one weeks stay. We do not want Andy’s family to experience any undo financial burden as he partakes on this endeavor, a selfless act that is greater than words can express.

How much more can these WONDERFUL folks endure? A kidney transplant is estimated at over 65k, scheduled to happen on Feb. 14, 2017. Hearts of GOLD, the entire family! If you can look inside your hearts to assist this family in their fight then please do so. Every little bit helps, more than a person can imagine.

At the least I would like for you to keep this family in your thoughts and prayers in the coming months. The battle has just begun.