Adoorablepaws Paws to Minimize Pinched Fingers & Keep Doors Open IndieGoGo Campaign

I have multiple friends whose kids have severed or broken fingers closing them in the door. As a kid I pinched mine as well. The National Safety Council shows the seriousness of this including life changing amputation. To respect your time my video, if you have not watched it is 2 1/2 minutes on my patent pending invention and its benefits

What We Need & What You Get
I am thankful for you reviewing this Indiegogo Campaign and would be very grateful if you join us by making a pledge. The funding simply will be used to place the first order. Prototype is finished so upon a successful campaign the order will be placed and ready to roll!

1 Minimize pinched fingers on door knob side
2 Possible reduce fear of dark
3 No tripping on blocks or stubbing toes on floor models
4 Minimize slamming doors & noise
5 Optional light to get to bathroom & possible prevent a accident
6 Keep child, elderly & pets from accidentally being shut in a room
7 Easily attach-no mounting or door damage
8 Can place up high where kids & pets can’t reach
9 Kids love their Adoorable friend for comfort
10 Reduce chances of visiting E.R. or worse yet amputation–2#/



For more info: http://–2#/