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Airwide Announces Advanced Mobile Messaging Platform for Value Added Services Award-Winning Product Delivers Multi-Channel Platform for Value Added Services Including Mobile Advertising, Social


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2008-04-01 06:00:00

Airwide Announces Advanced Mobile Messaging Platform for Value Added Services

Award-Winning Product Delivers Multi-Channel Platform for Value Added Services Including Mobile Advertising, Social

BURLINGTON, MA and LAS VEGAS, NV–( EMWNews – April 1, 2008) – CTIA — Airwide®

Solutions, the leading provider of next-generation mobile messaging and

mobile internet infrastructure, applications and solutions, today announced

version 5.0 of its award winning AirGate products. AirGate is an advanced

application and traffic management platform for rapid delivery of

third-party applications and value-added services across multiple delivery

channels — SMS, MMS, WAP and the Web. The latest version reduces the time

to launch innovative services from days to minutes, and enables operators

to define new business models and easily adapt to changing technology.

AirGate 5.0 helps carriers tap into new revenue opportunities by

incorporating network and subscriber intelligence (like content

preferences, presence and location) with mobile applications and content to

create highly contextual and relevant services. AirGate, which recently

received the Gold Award for Innovation at the Mobile Advertising and

Marketing Awards (MAMAs), is the industry’s only gateway that provides the

flexible business logic necessary to easily integrate with a variety of

network resources, ranging from billing and ad insertion systems to

location servers and device capability databases, and expose those

capabilities to applications, yielding exponentially more powerful,

appealing and sticky revenue-generating services.

Add Service Providers with Unprecedented Speed, Control

Carriers want to increase service revenues by rapidly expanding and

managing their content and service provider ecosystem at very low cost. To

meet these demands, AirGate offers wizard-based provisioning and service

provider profiles that allow carriers to define new services and their

network access rights in seconds instead of the days required with other


In addition, AirGate provides unparalleled control over services and

application traffic in order to protect QoS and maximize the efficiency of

carrier infrastructure, ultimately reducing costs. With AirGate 5.0,

service and provider-level policies govern the full range of message

attributes, peak and long-term throughput, number of allowable connections,

and network information made available to service providers. Additionally,

fine-grained routing based on numerous parameters such as keywords, short

code, MSISDN, etc. along with real-time SLA enforcement, guarantee service

quality, protect person-to-person (P2P) traffic, and optimize

infrastructure use.

“Messaging gateways are becoming a critical element within next generation

mobile networks to enable operators to access content, traffic and

subscribers from other networks and to enable mobile advertising and other

revenue-generating services,” says Jay Seaton, Chief Marketing Officer for

Airwide Solutions. “But with access to external traffic comes increased

complexity and the need for control to protect operators’ networks and

subscribers. While most next generation gateways enable connections to

other networks, AirGate is unique in providing a comprehensive set of

capabilities to rapidly add new revenue-generating applications, and

maximize the return on these applications by incorporating contextual

information that makes them more useful and valuable to the subscriber.”

Extending the Benefits across Multiple Delivery Channels

Carriers are making great strides in making their networks more

intelligent. Many are deploying presence aware services like mobile instant

messaging (MIM) or installing location servers that show where a user

happens to be, and still others are deploying databases that track users

self declared preference for content. To date, however, many of these

capabilities have been ‘siloed.’ For example, presence may only be for the

MIM application, or device information only for a device management system.

AirGate’s flexible business logic allows carriers to easily connect to any

or all of these capabilities, and make them available across delivery

types. This is key for services like mobile marketing and mobile

advertising which involve multiple delivery channels and connectivity to

varied internal systems. In mobile advertising, AirGate can connect the

advertising campaign to databases that hold subscribers’ preferences for

ads, billing systems to credit the user for advertising viewed, ad

insertion systems and campaign management systems all across multiple

delivery channels — SMS, MMS, WAP and the Web.

Other AirGate 5.0 Features and Benefits:

--  Subscription Management Option: Out-of-the box support for various

    subscription models that provide significant increase in revenues for


--  Subscriber Protection: MSISDN hiding keeps subscriber mobile phone

    numbers from service providers. Increased privacy increases service

    adoption. Integration with profile databases for subscriber profiling

    protects subscribers from inappropriate content. Integration with anti-spam

    and anti-virus systems.

--  Third-party self-management: AirGate 5.0 provides extensive and

    numerous capabilities for third-party self-management from a Service

    Management Extranet which third-parties can use to self-provision and

    manage services, to SOAP-based web services interface that third-parties

    can use for provisioning.

--  Rich Protocol Support: UCP/EMI v4.0, CIMD v2.0, SMPP v3.3/v3.4,

    OIS/SEMA v5.6, Fully customizable for HTTP and other proprietary. Java API

    (over TCP/IP), Customizable HTTP data via configurable headers or XML,

    Legacy SMSC and extended 3GPP MM7 (SOAP/HTTP) -- Supports MMS, SMS, WAP


--  Complete Lifecycle Mgmt: AirGate 5.0 offers tools for the complete

    service lifecycle incorporating design, test, launch, management, and end-

    of-life. Lifecycle management is informed by best-of-breed analysis and

    reporting capabilities provided by Airwide's Usage Tracking and Reporting

    Solution. Information from this solution allows carriers to continually

    monitor the success and profitability of their service portfolio and adjust

    the service offering accordingly.


For more information about the AirGate family of gateways, please visit:

About Airwide Solutions

Airwide Solutions is the leading provider of next-generation mobile

messaging and wireless internet infrastructure, applications and solutions.

Its products help more than 120 wireless operators worldwide drive mobile

messaging usage and revenues and enables them to leverage multiple delivery

channels and next-generation infrastructure in new and more powerful ways.

With a history of industry firsts — including the first text message ever

sent, the introduction of the first SMS router, the first A2P MMS push

gateway and mobile service control which enables mobile context,

personalization and profiling — the company continues to pioneer new

technologies. Airwide’s open, tiered Fusion architecture offers mobile

operators advanced revenue options, a practical pathway to Mobile Messaging

2.0 and a foundation to bridge mobile messaging and mobile internet.

Airwide Solutions operates globally with offices in Europe, the Americas,

Asia Pacific and Africa. For more information about Airwide Solutions,

please visit

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