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Am I Making A Donation to the Bernie Sanders Conspiracy or Presidential Campaign


CLEVELAND, OHIO — April 21, 2019 — So far, the presidential candidacy race for the Democratic Party appear most favorable for Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT), who raised enough money this year in political contributions to purchase a new private jet, rather than renting one as he does in the present. Ironically, Sanders’ new micro-millionaire status, that was purportedly obtained through recent book sales revenue, raised brows to question exactly where is the Bernie Sanders campaign donor monies going. A sensible person may stop to consider whether or not their donation is going to the Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign; or did they just make a donation to a Bernie Sanders conspiracy fund.

The new found wealth derived from the marketing and sales of the self-promoted Bernie Sanders hard cover and downloadable publication (about himself; not his political views, or why he would make a good president) are not the only Team Bernie Sanders campaign fund issues in question. In addition to two holiday homes, two Federal lawsuits at the U.S. district courts of Delaware and Oregon entered on their dockets a legal notice filed by civil rights lobbyist (now political prisoner) Cary Lee Peterson that appears to summarize the entire “Garvey-Peterson Ordeal” (the alleged Bernie Sanders lawsuits) from ‘A’ to ‘Z’; how it started in 2012 with Garvey client, BAS Broadcasting Ohio owner [“T.K.”] and New Jersey securities attorney Gregg Jaclin, to the present state, which has his bail and appeal motions in a holding-pattern at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Curiously, the Court of Appeals in Philadelphia and the New Jersey federal courthouses with pending “GPO” cases and ‘preserved claims of clerical errors’ (that resulted in Peterson’s imprisonment) have not entered the legal notices on “Public Interest” duly submitted (under “Rule 201”), despite it appearing to be sent to them at the same time it was sent to U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the Senate Judiciary Committee, Attorney General William Barr, and the U.S. courthouses with pending civil suits on relative matters in Delaware and Oregon that did enter the legal notice on the ECF docket system [see PACER court records].

Hence, the ‘Garvey-Peterson Ordeal’ (referred to as “GPO”) legal notice from Super PAC Man Cary Peterson was a follow-up to a more detailed ‘Notice for Writ of Mandamus’ (with clear-and-cut exhibits on “Garvey” claims) filed with the U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Court of Appeals last month. The recent legal notice from Peterson was addressed to a dozen federal “tribunals”, which included the U.S. Supreme Court, the Office of Information Policy and Professional Responsibility, and Senate Judiciary Committee. Appropriately, Peterson entitled the legal brief “Pertinent Facts Notice on Public Interest…” of nearly a dozen pending legal actions in Federal courts and on The Hill relative to a hate-crime, conspiracy, libel and defamation tort, a ‘blocked’ and classified personal FBI FOIA report (on Peterson), and malicious prosecution commissioned by Sanders’ campaign attorney Brad Deutsch of Garvey Schubert Barer, who was paid with Sanders’ campaign funds to administer a series of [almost] clandestine acts to manufacture and fabricate “Federal charges” against Peterson with the help of “virtual representatives” who are employees of non-partisan media outlets and [even-more-frightening] the U.S. Justice Department, according to lawsuit claims and supporting evidence on record with the courts. Meanwhile, Peterson remains in prison awaiting appeal, relentlessly filing his own Federal [civil] charges against Sanders and privy accomplices that are slowly being discovered as the days and months pass.

Nonetheless, Sanders and his Democratic henchmen continue to interfere with the Super PAC Man’s motion for bail pending appeal and the movement on civil suits for extreme tort; all which could be easily resolved with a single day in court to hear testimonies from Christopher Day, Gregg Jaclin, Thomas Klein, Brad Deutsch, (former U.S. Attorney, now private attorney) Paul J. Fishman; and everyone else that U.S. District Court Judge Anne E. Thompson barred from testifying at Peterson’s trial in Trenton, New Jersey this time a year ago; while allowing two assistant U.S. attorneys a big budget to fly-in and provide five-star accommodations (tax-payer’s expense) for fourteen government witnesses that included foreign ministers, U.N. officials, and African diplomats.

Ironically, one of the government’s witnesses from an EDGAR filing agency in New Jersey stated that Peterson ‘did not submit any SEC filings to the best of his knowledge’, contrary to the government’s criminal charges of his conviction; additionally, two U.N. officials testified at trial that Peterson was in-fact involved with the United Nations; and at Peterson’s sentencing last December, Judge Thompson concludes her adjudication at Peterson’s sentencing by stating for the record that ‘true, no evidence was found that Peterson derived any proceeds from securities fraud…but he potential could have’. More recently, a motion filed by one of Peterson’s attorneys confronted the several motion filed at the court of appeals in Philadelphia, stating that Peterson had repeatedly disclosed that he wished to proceed ‘pro se’ under his Sixth Amendment right to self-representation and that they wished to immediately withdraw from the appeal case (more likely to prevent being added to the Fed civil suit in Oregon).

Sadly, the appellate court clerk’s run-around on the Peterson bail motion (pending appeal) filed in February resembles a stale-mate game of chess, where a sore-loser refuses to throw in the cards to accept the fact that checkmate on him is destine, no matter how much he stalls ‘the brutal end’ – very similar to the prior stall tactics used by Bernie Sanders on disclosure of his recent tax returns; or why “Crazy Bernie” kept spending (and accepting) 2016 presidential campaign monies after losing the Primary Election to Clinton, rather than returning the funds or donating remaining funds to other candidates in your political party who made it to the General Election.

The Garvey-Peterson Ordeal has raised a new light to misappropriation of campaign funds. Defamation campaigns and media controversy in politics is nothing new; neither are political scandals. However, accepting donor dollars from the public and using them to finance political ambushes (aided and abetted by the Justice Department) on minority lobbyists and illegally organized arrests on civil rights activists who may have ‘called-out’ a politician for condemning Super PAC campaigning; and yet hypocritically dipping into Super PAC money for their own benefit [i.e., Act Blue] is a big red flag to the voting community and general public. Consequently, this type of unconstitutional behavior mirrors that disorganized antics that many people have scrutinized mirrors the disorganized ‘jackass party’ antics that many people have scrutinized. If not careful, the Democratic Party’s leading presidential hopeful Sanders may give “Sleepy Joe Bidden” a shoe-in at the Primary Election next year, and effortlessly lead to President Donald Trump’s re-election in November 2020.

“NOTICE FROM PUBLISHER: The news content above contains information from the following media sources below. This website shall do its best to make any necessary corrections or updates in accordance with regional, national, and international laws that govern public disclosure made by the media to protect public interest and privacy rights.”

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