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Anue Systems Announces Availability of Test Suites for Circuit Emulation Service and Timing Over Packet


Anue Systems

2008-08-04 08:38:00

Anue Systems Announces Availability of Test Suites for Circuit Emulation Service and Timing Over Packet

Anue Systems Announces Availability of Test Suites for Circuit Emulation Service and Timing Over Packet

MEF-18 and ITU-T G.8261 Test Suites Enable Vendors to Easily Test Their CES and ToP Solutions (ITU-T Y.1413, IETF CESoPSN, IETF SAToP, IEEE 1588 and NTP)

AUSTIN, TX–(EMWNews – August 4, 2008) – Anue Systems, the leading provider of Network

Emulators, today announced the availability of their new Test Suite for

Circuit Emulation Service (CES) and Timing over Packet. The test suite is

based on the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) developed test cases for certifying

CES products.

The Anue Test Suite provides networking equipment manufacturers and service

providers the ability to test their solutions against the industry based

MEF-18 test plans prior to certification testing. The test suite is

integrated with Anue’s GEM Network Emulator product so tests can be set up

quickly and economically. The test cases are based on ITU-T G.8261.

“The Anue GEM Network Emulator enables Iometrix to certify CES products

under realistic Carrier Ethernet network delay and impairment conditions in

a consistent and repeatable way,” said Bob Mandeville, president of

Iometrix, the testing laboratory responsible for the MEF test plan and

certification process.

“The traditional approaches to test CES products, using live networks or

mock-ups, are costly, non-repeatable, and only allow limited scenarios to

be tested,” said Hemi Thaker, President of Anue Systems. “Anue’s solution

allows vendors to economically test with realistic, repeatable, and

customizable network conditions in a lab.”

About Anue Systems

Anue Systems, Inc. is the market and technology leader in Network

Emulation. Customers include the leading network equipment manufacturers,

network service providers, government agencies, and enterprise companies.

Anue Systems is ranked #116 on the Inc. 500, and is the recipient of the

2007 Frost & Sullivan Growth Excellence Award for Network Emulation.

About MEF

The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) was founded in 2001. It is a non-profit

international industry consortium, dedicated to worldwide adoption of

Carrier Ethernet networks and services.

The Forum is composed of leading service providers, major incumbent local

exchange carriers, top network equipment vendors and other prominent

networking companies that share an interest in Metro Ethernet. It has 140

members as of January, 2008.

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