Atipalcal Neurological Disease MS like Smith Loretta GoFundME Campaign

My name is Justin georgiff am trying to raise money for my mom Loretta smith she is 50 years old and is ill from a disease called atipalcal neurological disease m.s like caused from a brain lesion do to silicon Brest implant poisoning.

With no help from the company that made them and not having an implant that is not on the list of implants covered by global law suits and unable to find an attorney to help her with her illness caused by her implants with medical proof of her condition and that the implants are the cause.she has gotten much sicker over the years since first diagnosed.she has no support or help of any kind. lost her mother father grandma in 2000 and 2001.then in 2014 her home burned  down lost everything and has been struggling with her mental health being homeless staying ware ever she could place to place even on the streets for periods at a timethen her brother passed in aug of thus year.Leaving her with no one to help or support her in anyway.

In the last two years trying to get here ask with out much luck never being in one place long anuff to  accomplish the task of receiving ssi.then in October 2018 her boyfriend 8f ten years was in a auto accident went in to a coma and passed away Oct 27 him being the person that had supported her the last 10 years.she is unable to have implants removed witch is medically necessary unable to get medical help for her disease atipycal neurological disease m.s like and can not see a doctor for her thyroid condition. There is no insurance that she can afford or receive from the government at this time.she thinks that her did did hearing will be some time in 2019 mid year right now it is in Austin tx  for appeal.

Counting on that to have insurance to go to doctor for her condition until then she has a friend that has just let her come to stay with in gladewater tx .giving her a chance to try and get her ssi and insurances going .hoping at that time she will be able to start getting the medical help she desperately need.

The amount that I requested was a number I came up with when it was a question on this app that had to be filled in.around 15 to 20 thousand for removal of the deformed ruptured silicon implants.adding the out her amount to ensure that she would be able to get a small cheep place to live and afford it with her SSIafter she has a hearing some time 6to 8 mounts from now.any and all funds will be very appreciated and any proof of this statement that you may like to verify is available to person with true genuine help for my mother.thank you and god bless

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