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UPDATE: Logan is now home with his family, but the bills from his NICU hospital stay are looming over their heads. Colby works very hard, and Magen is a stay at home mom (with two under the age of 4) on disability. Please help us help them.

Thank you for stopping by, and for reading about my friends, the McMinimys, and for considering helping them.

The photo above is of my friends’ new baby, Logan McMinimy. He was born 4 weeks early on September 8, via emergency C-section, and initially was doing well. However, just a few days ago he had to be placed in NICU, as he is having trouble breathing. He has had several episodes where he has stopped breathing and struggles to start again. I hesitate to bring up SIDS, but it sounds very reminescent.  So until he his breathing normalizes, he will be in NICU.

His parents, Magen and Colby McMinimy, were not prepared for the mounting medical bills that have arisen from the extended stay, the NICU, nor the time off work for Colby. The insurance is only covering so much, and it isn’t very much at that.

All monies collected through this campaign will go to the McMinimy family to pay of the increasing hospital debt, and household bills. They could use the money as soon as possible to pay the hospital as they go. I say this, because the debt that is growing is also causing undo stress to family, on top of worrying about their child, they just don’t need any extra stress.

If you could please donate, no matter how small, it would be so greatly appreciated. And if you can’t, as we understand times are difficult for everyone, please share this campaign on all of your social media and with any friends you think might be able to help or share.

Please help to alleviate some of the stress and financial burden on this amazing family. They are honestly so important to me and so many others. Let them focus on their baby instead of the mounting debt. 

Thank you

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