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Help for Australian Bushfire Victims ZumaFunder.com CrowdFunding Booster

My heart just can’t with the animal victims in Australia.. I have to help somehow.. Won’t you please help me get something together to help RSPCA New South Wales?

They are on the frontlines of helping and saving the animals who’s world has just been destroyed by man.. To be completely transparent, we will withdraw all funds from our nonprofit bank account (Project Open Paw EIN 82-0961282) and donating directly to them the full amount, and also cover Gofundme fees so the intended recipient can receive the full amount if at all possible..

Thank you, much love and God bless… I am immeasurably touched at the show of kindness and compassion so far, I pray we can keep beating goals and setting new ones for those that need it most right now..

For more info: http://gf.me/u/xarm8w

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