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Help Kim Overcome Disabilities GoFundMe Campaign

Hi everyone! My name is Kim and I am currently a student at Cal Poly SLO. I moved across the country from my hometown in New Jersey to attend school here and study Biochemistry, and while I love it here, I also struggle with some debilitating mental disabilities. Recently, I had a pretty severe relapse in my health and was unable to function or care for myself.

After discussion with my doctor and psychotherapist, we decided that a Psychiatric and Medical Service Dog would be beneficial to my health and overall functioning. However, the cost of training for these dogs is not cheap, and I really need help raising the funds to be able to afford this life-changing service animal. I have a dog back home in Jersey named Coco that has always helped me when I was struggling with my disabilities, even though he wasn’t trained as a service animal. But while I’m away at school in a high-stress environment, I don’t have access to him and the emotional support he brings me.

Having a service dog here with me as I continue to live independently and pursue my goals would tremendously improve my health and daily functioning. Please take a look at my GoFundMe if you’re interested in reading more about what disabilities I struggle with, details about Service Dog training, or even donating if you would like and are able to.

Any amount helps, or even just sharing my page would mean the world to me <3

I am looking to apply for a Service Dog with Doggie Does Good and the cost for a dog with specific training is around $15,000-$20,000. Here is an overview of some of the training they do.

Any amount is appreciated and would help me so much <3

Please support my GoFundMe at

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