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Hi I’m raising money to save my home and saving us going homeless I have 2 kids one is 9 and the other is 6months old.

I have had a small business which I opened with my good friend importing goods from China it been going very well and I was able to buy a house because of this business.
We worked very hard and got the business where it is now. My business partner had the most share so he took most of the profits home which I didn’t mind as I was earning enough I didn’t pay much attention to him. I’m always have been very bad at doing the paper work as I’m a school dropout and he had all the knowledge so he done all the paperwork and I was the person dealing with our clients so on and so what. He looked after the office and papers as I was in the field making deals and getting clients.

Few years gone pass and I had to go back home as my mum was not well due to that I had to stay home few months with my mum. Our the few months I was there my business partner transferred all the business shares to his name and sold the company to someone without consulting with me. Because of that I was left with nothing no shares and I only had very little money as I spent some of my saving looking after my mum and paying my mortgage bills.

I had have left with nothing I couldn’t afford to pay the mortgage and my bank took the house of me and I moved out and rented a small flat as I didn’t have the job or the money to restart my business. I have been looking for a job for a while now and I have been declined by most of people as I have no degree or any school certification to show my skills.

I work with agencies which sometimes have some work and sometimes they don’t I do anything from labor work to any kind of work I can find just to make ends meat. The rent for my flat is too high and my pay is not enough to pay for me to stay at this home only option I have to find a place to stay and get some help to raise money restarting a business and keep a roof over my kids and wife head.

Please help me from going homeless your donation will get me to survive and get back on my feet’s.

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