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Although I dropped out of high school and waited approximately four years to obtain my GED, I always knew I wanted to be an attorney. However, it took me losing my job after 16 plus years and losing everything to pursue those dreams. I went to college a few years later at Claflin University and graduated in my mid forties. I immediately went to law school, had some obstacles and setbacks that cause me to sit out a couple of years after completing my first year. Nonetheless, I did not give up on my dream…While at a doctors appointment I met an angel disguised as a doctor who for some reason asked me about my entire life while waiting on tests to come back. I told him everything all the way up to leaving law school after the first year. He then said, “well you can go back right?” I told him yes, sir, I just sat out for two years and applied to go back, but I can’t submit my applications until I pay the fees for each application. He asked how much and when I told him…that stranger, that doctor…that angel reached in his pocket and pulled out a wad of money like I never seen before and gave me more than I needed and said….”you will get back into law school and graduate!” With tearful eyes I thanked him and paid those fees the following day. Faith is hard to keep sometimes even when you know what God has already brought you through…and I still wondered will I get accepted and will I have to start all over again. Long story short, just before going to have major surgery on my foot and ankle, I received a call from another angel at Charleston School of Law from the admissions committee…she said we have just a couple of questions before we make our decision, I only remember one. “If you had to start all over again, would you?” I explained to her that being a lawyer is not a job or a career, it’s a vocation…it’s a path that God has chosen for me to serve him and his people. The day before surgery, that angel called back and asked did I receive an email from the school in which I had not…she said “well, let me be the first to congratulate you on being accepted as a transfer student…which means I didn’t lose my credits from the first year I completed…Glory Hallelujah! I cried and cried out of joy! Trust God…your life is already planned! I present myself to you today….just six months away from obtaining my Juris Doctor degree and I will be hopefully sitting for the bar in July here in South Carolina. I also plan to study for and take Florida’s bar the following February. I appreciate any support you afford me on this last leg of my journey.

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