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Beach plastic is killing our Planet – Collect Frequently and Burn it – “Help Save our Marine Life” GoFundME Booster ViralExposure.us

Beach plastic is difficult to collect and recycle. A key component in a successful beach cleanup is that It must be removed from the beach daily, not weekly or monthly- when nonprofit groups are able to do a coastal cleanup.

Funding for this project is needed for both logistical and educational purposes. Giving the public firsthand info and the ability to participate is important.

The equipment to be bought with money from funding is what is needed. We have the passion and the vision to do what needs to be done.

We need $85,000 initially for the purchase of two trucks and dumpsters that will be staged at predetermined key cleanup locations- to be serviced when full or daily if needed.

For every donation over $25, you will receive a photograph of our founder’s artwork that is made of “Recycled Styrofoam”, and is perfect for framing. Cleaner beaches and really cool art.

If we don’t get to the funding level requested, we will keep the funds and start a smaller beach cleaning effort. This is our way of giving back.

Cleaner beaches and oceans mean a cleaner world and a safer environment for our marine life.

Let’s get real- it’s time to give back! Our oceans and beaches need us.


For more info: http://https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/burn-beach-plastic-burn#/

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