Chantel’s college co-op fund GoFundME Boost CrowdFunding Campaign

My name is Chantel, I am 29 years old and I am a preschool teacher. I love my job and I love teaching children!

Now I’m not exactly sure how this works and I never like asking for help with these sort of things. But sadly I’m in a tough spot and I’m not sure what else to do..
So here it goes I am in huge need of some assistance…
I am a preschool teacher. I love my job and what I do. I have been working in preschools for the past 5+ years (uncertified). Within these 5+ years of experience  I have gained a huge amount of on job experience more than most uncertified childcare workers are able to gain without a diploma.

I have been really wanting to go to school and get the proper education so that I can have a diploma and grow within childcare. But unfortunately like many other individuals financial situations have not allowed me to gain this education.

For years now I have been looking for ways to do my schooling without more massive debt. So I applied and got accepted to do my apprenticeship. But recently the job I’m doing told me they didn’t want me to go with an apprenticeship route and a condition of my employment is now that I enroll with a college for my ECE.

Now they offered to lend me money to pay tuition fees then I would pay them back in installments.

The issue I am having however is that I will have co-op placements and I cannot afford the time off of work because I need to pay my rent I pay $400 every 2 weeks for rent. So the funding help I am in desperate need of is to go towards helping to pay my rent while I do my co-op placements.
If I do not get my ECE then I will not be able to keep my job 🙁 .

I have already been accepted to the ECE online program with Algonquin College for start date this May 😀

I would appreciate any help I can get every cent counts.
I would like to thank anyone who donates or even takes the time to read this for your help and support in my journey to continue growing and doing what I love which is teaching and caring for the little ones of our future.
Thank you all for the help!

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