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Bereaved family trying to get home GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

My niece was like my own daughter and a sibling to my son’s Isaac and Ryland. She was tragically taken from this world and it’s been like picking up shattered pieces of glass and trying to put it back together. I do the best I can to provide for my son’s and I but it took everything that I had to drive from Sarnia, Ontario to Calgary, Alberta. The gas alone was $600 to make it here and food was bread and baloney and juice boxes and juice crystals.

But even with strict budgeting and asking friends and family for help, the costs to drive here, accumulated to at least $1000. And an extra saving measure we enlisted, was sleeping in the car to save money. That was a sacrifice for my son due to his condition that cripples the joints in a person’s body. But it was a “we have no choice but to” kind of situation.

I barely made it to Alberta and missed the viewing and only made it for the get together afterwards. But seeing and feeling the comfort of family is what we cherish the most. Now it is time to get back home to Ontario as school starts in September.  And my son, Ryland, and I will be attending college. My oldest son will be learning how to deal with his VKH syndrome and his ability to cope with everyday tasks. As long as we stick together, we can get through anything.

All of our family lives in Alberta and it is only my son’s and myself who reside in Ontario. So support is very limited. We have also accessed help through the charity organisations in Sarnia for assistance and these avenues are no longer able to assist at this time. So I turn to the public in this time of need to help our little family make it back home safe and sound and a little less stress on our shoulders to begin school as well as our grieving and it’s bumpy journey. Anything helps, anything. We plan on paying it forward by donating what we can to the organisations in Sarnia, so whoever is in the same boat as us, will have at least something from someone who knows exactly what they will go through.


The expenses being asked for will be used for
Gas $800-$1000
Food $150
Lodging $350.

I thank you all so much and hope you all have blessings back ten fold.
Tammi Scalplock
Isaac Labelle
Ryland Labelle


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