Bern It Down Anonymous Leaks Announce Plans for Bernie Sanders Doc Film

Bern It Down: Anonymous Leaks Announce Plans for Bernie Sanders Doc Film

TORONTO, Aug. 01, 2019 — Not even a day after the second American Democratic presidential primary debate, alternative media organisation Anonymous Leaks, announced their plans for a documentary film production entitled ‘Bern It Down – Totalitarian of the Double Party’.

Anonymous Leaks remarked in an open letter to NWOP that ‘the house of cards has been exposed…now It’s time to “Bern it down,” a comment alluding to 2020 U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders, a self proclaimed modern socialist who grassroots activists started the slogan ‘feelin’ the Bern’ during his first presidential run in 2016 that was unsuccessful upon the Democratic primary election triumphed by former U.S. First Lady and U.S. Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Further, Anonymous’s open letter stated that they had previously planned for a political documentary film about the history of global politicians who dabbled in left-right political spectrums and far-left wing socialism ‘invading the occidental world thru fabricated news media and preposterous politics on fairytales and empty promises.’

Yet, a slight change in film concept direction shortly after Tuesday’s DNC presidential debate participation from Sen. Bernard Sanders, after news updates reported that legislative solicitor Cary Lee Peterson had filed an impeachment and censure petition against Sanders with the United States Senate Select Committee on Ethics, while up the river, regarding his use of campaign funds from donors, ‘Gotcha Evidence‘ and ‘Garvey-Peterson Ordeal’ court reports on ‘ultrahazardous activity’ that Sanders purportedly participated in- and peculiarly, his ‘ambiguous political party status, which contemporaneously dubs him as a presidential nominee for the Democratic National Committee and a sworn-in United States congressman of Vermont state of the independent party since 1991- ‘s petition was enough germane disclosure on public integrity to encourage Anonymous to change their former political documentary film production title of ‘Totalitarianism – Crooks & Castles’ to ‘Bern It Down – Totalitarian of the Double Party,‘ as a satirical way to mock the  “Feel the Bern” slogan used by Bernie Sanders campaign supporters.

Precisely, the Sanders censure brief filed with U.S. Senate stated, Bernie Sanders’ political party status “became ambiguous once again in March 2019, when he signed a formal “loyalty pledge” to the Democratic Party stating that he is a member of the party and will serve as a Democrat if elected president. Thus, he signed the pledge the day after he signed paperwork to run as an independent for re-election to the Senate in 2024.”

Anonymous says it will continue laying the blue prints for the Bern It Down political documentary production harmonious to ‘Hillary – The Movie,’ a political documentary film produced by conservative political organisation Citizens  United in 2008, which resulted in an issue in controversy that landed in the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Unlike the Citizens United super PAC, we will privately conduct our crypto-crowdfunding for the video production and marketing overseas to prevent any problems with the Federal Election Commission- after all, Mr. Sanders’ campaign lawyer used to be a big-wig there not to long ago. Besides we don’t want to get mixed up his his inextricable legal controversies like Garvey or start another civil action like Citizens United vs. FEC,” Anonymous Leaks spokesman Allen Cook comments, when asked about his purpose for creating the film and the root of the film concept.

Anonymous continued, telling NWOP that the point of the documentary film is to educate the community on political spectrums and give millennial voters an understanding of the politics that certain politicians have portrayed throughout their several terms in public office. “It is an awareness film that gives the public background facts on the people who may have weaselled their way into public office or onto a national ballot card using ratchet left-right politics…a ‘yes-man’ make-everyone-happy scheme used on the public by dodgy politicians that will do or say anything to get donors and votes.”


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