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Berrimal Land Recovery Project

Help Plant a Forest!

Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a grant under the National Landcare Program for a project to rehabilitate 20 acres of severely eroded and salt affected land in the small country town of Berrimal, located between Wedderburn and St Arnaud in Victoria.

Since submitting my proposal to Government last financial year, costs on services and supplies have increased, leaving me short by $3500 to make this project a reality.

Every $3 I receive through this gofundme page will guarantee 1 tree planted on the donors behalf. My deadline to place orders on trees to ensure they are planted in Autumn 2019 is 15th September 2018.

The project will help increase bio-diversity to the area and create a safe habitat for local flora and fauna. The land has been registered as Land for Wildlife and will be available for the public and community groups to visit, learn from, and watch as it grows.

Leave a comment if you would like to be updated when planting takes place and I’ll be sure to keep you informed. Let me know if you’d also like to get your hands dirty and do some planting in March/April 2019. Looking for plenty of volunteers to take part.

If you’re travelling soon, rather than pay to offset your carbon emissions, please consider donating to ensure a real tree is planted on your behalf.

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