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I  can’t just  leave them behind.  I need to give them a permanent home. For the past 7 years my kids and I and all the cats that I provide daily support for have been living a life of torture and harassment from my neighbors.  This year I’ve already lost 3 cats due to poisoning and abuse.

For the  safety of my kids I must move to another apartment but I can’t take all of the cats with me in an apartment,  because it’s too much of them. These cats depend on me and trust me,  they need me to protect them and my kids and I need them. I need a permanent home for the homeless cats.

Winter is right around the corner and Backyard cats colony needs your help. They need lots of can food,  medical care and a safe shelter.   So many kittens in the community running under cars when it rains,  crying out loud.  Help me so I can keep  the cats off the streets and in a safe place.

I’m a single mother and I professionally make candles.  I’m a TnR certified rescuer and  leave them behind.  I don’t have enough money for a down payment for a property.  I have a candle website  please donate food or money or buy from the website. Thanks.

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