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Can You Donate $1? In Desperate  Need  of  Help! This is now my Only Option! I have nowhere else to turn!

Hello My Name is Cheryl-Anne. I’m currently fighting Breast Cancer. Due to the Aggressive treatments of Chemotherapy, Surgery and Radiation. I have been placed on FMLA. This is unpaid medical leave. As a result I have now exhausted my savings accounts!

I was able to get temporary disability but this does not cover my bigger bills. It covers my food and gas, so I can make my Oncology Appointments. My Mortgage is behind by 120 days, My Utilities are behind by 90 days.

* Mortgage Payments Due x 4 Months : $ 5619.00

* T-mobile x 3 Months: $847.05 (Service Suspended 08/14/2018).

* SDG&E (Gas and Light): x 4 Months: $403.90 (Final Disconnection Pending).

* Water: $375.00

I struggle to keep my Health insurance, which is costly, but this s not an option!

* Monthly Insurance Payment: $225.00

I have applied to several Cancer Care Organizations, but they can only help out 1 to 2 times at the most with Minimal Financial Assistance.  As the demands on their funding is great, as so many of us are fighting this disease!

I have now asked all of my family and friends to help! They have done all they can!

I’m  in really bad shape financially! If I don’t get my mortgage and utilities paid. I’m about to  lose my home and have my utilities cut off! Light, water and phone!
I’m currently undergoing Hormone Management Therapy for my Cancer to control my hormone levels, as my hormones trigger my cancer cells.
I have now amassed a medical bill of $38, 338.03. Which I will also have to figure out how to pay.


If there is anything you can do to help, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanking You!


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