Espiritu Santo Resort Kickstarter Campaign

To purchase, renovate and relaunch an existing Resort/restaurant in Vanuatu.

Espiritu Santo Resort

We are seeking to purchase, renovate and relaunch an existing Resort and Restaurant on the Vanuatu island of Espiritu Santo.

We are currently self employed painting contractors, on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia.  We have been running a successful business for over 15 years, but now feel that it’s time to move on to the next part of our lives.

The opportunity exists to purchase this resort, make renovations and improvements to it and relaunch it to the public.  We have the business knowledge, plus the marketing background to make this happen.  The resort consists of 18 villas, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor bar areas, restaurant and room for expansion.  It is also within 5 minutes walk of pristine beaches and a short drive to the main shopping area.

Vanuatu is in the South Pacific Ocean and consists of approximately 80 islands (Espiritu Santo is the largest)and is classified as the diving capital of the Pacific.  There are not only coral reefs and underwater caverns but, also, a large number of wrecks from World War 2 (including the US troopship SS Coolidge).   It is serviced by direct flights from the Australian Mainland and, shortly, New Zealand.

We aim to improve the average occupancy of the resort by making some simple, but telling improvements, along with more targeted advertising throughout Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific and beyond.  Along with this, we have plans to increase restaurant patronage greatly.

Risks and challenges

As with all projects – large and small – there are risks associated.

Apart from our perceived lack of experience in the Hospitality Industry (although business management practice is the same in all industries) the biggest hurdle to overcome is being accepted as ‘outsiders’ in a new country, meeting all of the requirements of the regulatory authorities (something that has already commenced) and the ever-present possibility of Cyclones, something which is completely out of our control.


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