Nathaniel Jackson Tortured in Illinois Prisons GoFundME Campaign

I was tortured for years while incarcerated in Illinois a violation of 18 USC 2340A, and such torturous acts ranges from them illegally implanting objects in my body a violation of 18 USC 241, and those objects are still affecting my every day life, and they had illegally involuntarily committed me to a mental health facility five times with no reason(s) stated in the certificate(s) or the mental health diagnostic treatment notes as to what i had actually did to warrant a emergency psychiatric transfer a violation of Vitek-v-Jones, 63 L.Ed at 566; 455 U.S. 480, (1980); and they involuntarily committed me for filing grievances and Civil Rights complaints against them a violation of my 1st,5th,8th, and 14th amendments of the United States Constitution.

The Pontiac Prison Tac Team officers had pepper sprayed me with mace multiple times and beat me over the head with the shield and sprayed my penus with mace during strip search all because i refused a psychiatric transfer a violation of the 8th and 14th amendments of the United States Constitution. They now has falsified the video footage of the Tac Team Officers beating me a violation of the criminal code and obstructing justice 18 USC 73. For the record, 80 % or more of Illinois prison employees are homosexuals, Mason’s, klu klux klans, and other white supremacist street gang terrorist a violation of 18 USC 2339, 18 USC 523, and 18 USC 242.

All of the above are mentioned in my Civil Rights lawsuit that is pending in the Peoria Illinois United States District Court under case # Nathaniel Jackson-v- Alton Angus, 12 -cv- 01084, C.D.ILL. I need funds to pay for a Attorney to represent me in this complex case, and ask if you could donate what ever you can to help me get justice for the wrongs that was done to me, Please.

I appreciate your time and support.

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