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Cadec’s Fleet Management Software Helps Land O’Lakes Subsidiary Save $500,000 in Fuel Northwest Food Products Transportation Increases Fuel Economy, Improves Logging Compliance With Cadec


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2008-03-31 05:04:00

Cadec’s Fleet Management Software Helps Land O’Lakes Subsidiary Save $500,000 in Fuel

Northwest Food Products Transportation Increases Fuel Economy, Improves Logging Compliance With Cadec

MANCHESTER, NH–( EMWNews – March 31, 2008) – According to a new case study published

today, Cadec Global customer Northwest Food Products Transportation (NFPT)

saved $500,000 in fuel in its first year using Cadec’s advanced fleet

management solution, and NFPT continues to benefit from better fuel

economy and improved logging compliance.

NFPT, a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes, transports over seven

million pounds of milk and finished dairy products daily for Land O’Lakes

and a host of other dairy companies. The firm manages its own private fleet

of nearly 200 tanker trucks, a contract fleet of an additional 300 trucks,

and Land O’Lakes’ private fleet of nearly 1,700 trucks.

Driven by the need to increase fuel economy and reduce DOT violations

related primarily to logging, NFPT decided to invest in fleet management

software. “Until then, our process was entirely paper based,” recalls Roger

Nordtvedt, General Manager of NFPT. “Drivers spent about an hour a day on

paperwork including logging, and then at the end of each day,

administrative staff spent about one more hour per truck entering all the

data into a central database. It was very time consuming, and we found that

often, the logs were incomplete or inaccurate. During DOT audits, we

regularly had multiple logging violations. We knew we had to make a


Nordtvedt’s team conducted an evaluation and ultimately selected Cadec’s

advanced fleet management solution. “Cadec’s ease of use was unmatched by

any other vendor,” says Nordtvedt. “The Cadec On-Board Computer uses Yes or

No questions to guide drivers through the process of logging trips,

recording pickups and deliveries, and the like. It has a very clean and

simple interface that masks all the complexity and sophistication in the

software. Our drivers love it.”

Cadec’s software, installed in all of the trucks in its private and

contract fleets, has enabled NFPT to:

--  Effectively eliminate paper from its transportation process through

    electronic logging;

--  Automatically track en-route data such as mileage (used as the basis

    to pay drivers), sudden decelerations, over-RPM speed, fuel economy and off-

    route driving; and

--  Increase fuel economy and reduce fuel expenses -- by $500,000 in the

    first year alone.


Download the full case study at

“NFPT is a long-time Cadec customer, and as they’ve grown and pushed the

technology envelope, they’ve helped Cadec grow and develop,” said Michael

Baney, CEO of Cadec. “It’s exactly the type of relationship we strive for

with all of our customers.”

About Cadec

Cadec Global enables mobile asset

optimization, process automation and operations visibility through its

advanced fleet management solutions. With over 30 years of innovation and

experience in the trucking industry, Cadec enables transportation and

distribution managers, fleet and logistics experts and business executives

to reduce costs, enhance customer service, enforce compliance and safety

regulations, and improve driver productivity. Cadec’s marquee customer list

includes market-leading private and for-hire fleets across multiple

industries throughout North America.

Cadec and PowerVue are trademarks of Cadec Global in the United States and

other countries. All other trademarks contained herein are the property of

their respective owners.

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