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For the admins please note my phone is french so is a 0033 in front.

My name is Nina Lach from Paris and I am currently running a label project ‘Lost on You’, in which I envision as a benefit project as well.
This project has many objectives, but the main idea is to use music to do something great. Something that really matters, to help the others.
– Charity aspect – profits from the organization will help aid third-world countries by sending them help for kids (shoes, books, etc).
– provide struggling unknown artists with immense talent the chance to be recognized and heard
– promote new, fresh wave of music in magazines, radios and social media
– create and host events in Paris for label members, which will provide opportunities for members to appear in the most highly recognized stage clubs in Paris.

In short, I would require your support to start my project, for all costs to build the company and release our first Records.
Profits achieved from each release will finance the charity organisation, and all promotional costs for new artists.

This project has no intention of getting famous or vein profitable. The idea is to use music and talent to help those who need it mostly. At this moment, there are so many children without food, clothes, education, etc. and our aim is to help them in the best way that we can.

I understand that we are all different individuals with different priorities and ideologies but I truly hope together we can do something great.

Thank You so much for all Your support and help.

With the best wishes
Nina Lach

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