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I am starting a non profit organization for kids sick in the hospital.  I had  made a pillow for children that are afraid of the dark. But then I realize what I really want to do is help sick kids in the hospitals get a little ray of sunshine in a very frightening time. Also help the their parent too.

I spent many nights at Loma Linda Children’s hospital with my in the little boy. He was very sick. Unfortunately Timothy did not survive.  So I know all to well what kids and parent go through. So I want to have a program that make sure every child that enters the hospital receive one of my new comfort dolls. These doll have will a led light and voice module that allow parent to record their own message. Just like the already made pillow do. I know there are a lot parents that can’t still with their child at night and these can offer some comfort for these children. Nursing staffs are overwhelmed.

So it is hard for to be with you child every second.  I will use the funds to remake my existing pillow into cute dolls of all ethnicity. Once this is done I planned to find sponsors to help keep project going.Please consider helping kids in all hospitals. I really need your help to get this project going. Even one dollar will help.

I have started this process already by sending some of the already made pillow to Loma Linda and Ronald McDonald house and they loved them and would like more . people think that this is not a real problem but it is.