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Teagan and Cai (bottom right and top right of photo) are my two kittens that I have adopted from a friend. I have everything set up for their first introduction to my home and everything was supposed to be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, I lost my job on Tuesday, two weeks ago. The extra funds I had to go into their food, litter, microchipping, Pet insurance, etc, had to go directly to my rent and bills and now I am seriously underfunded to receive my two kittens

My dog passed away from cancer in 2015, and I have been waiting patiently for myself to heal and ready myself for a new companion. I found these two who have the perfect personality to go with me, and I’m desperate not to lose them. If I can’t care for them, I will have to pass them up, which I absolutely do not want to do.

The funds will will be used for their first vet visit, microchipping, and their continued care until I can find myself another good paying job. I will be picking them up on November 25th, and I would really like to have the money, or at least a portion ready before that so that I can at least buy their food and litter, pet insurance policies, and take them for a full vet check up.

I will extremely grateful for all of the donations. Thank you all in advance for you time or donations.