Christmas Wish Jessica Gonzalez GoFundME Campaign

My Family needs help, were looking for a place to call home, i have 2 oldest has Autism an my other son is a teenager. As myself im a single mother, my name is Jessica.

Recently I was promised a home to rent verbally and the day I was suppose to sign the lease I was told by the owner of the house he changed his mind, at this point I already gave my notice to where I was living at  so I had no place to go so we stood at a motel, so pricey.

I searched for rentals, applied, didn’t have any luck. After a week staying at a motel the fire started in Paradise Ca. And motel rates went up, dozens of families in need of a home, came to Chico to seek shelter, ashes everywhere, just couldn’t do it anymore, heartbreaking, so we left Butte County Plus now my savings are very low, I have enough money for Rent but I don’t have enough for deposit, so im asking for help.

We are staying with a friend, We sleep in her living room, I’m grateful for her generosity, its short term only, I never asked for help, but my sons and myself are in need of help, my boys mean everything to me….. I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read our story….

God Bless … Jessica

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