College & Medical expenses

My name is Anjelica Vossler and I have been accepted and enrolled into the Nuclear Medicine Tech program in Dallas. I currently live in San Antonio and work as a CNA at San Pedro Manor.

I apologize but I must bore you, and perhaps share too much about my medical history & current situation, so you can fully grasp the urgency and importance of the request I would like to make of you. I also want to make it clear that I am more than willing to provide any proof you require to confirm every word I am saying is true.

I was born with a condition called Turner Syndrome, which put simply means I was born with 45 chromosomes instead of 46 like everyone else. Turner Syndrome only effects women. Because girls with Turner Syndrome are born missing that chromosome there bodies do not produce the hormones needed to grow and develop like a normal girls body would. I was extremely lucky and was diagnosed at birth and took growth hormone shots to grow and develop normally like any other child. When I was sixteen my endocrinologist prescribed me birth control pills so my body would have the estrogen and progestin it needed to go through puberty and I have been on and off those pills ever since.

Another thing about Turner Syndrome is some of the girls born with this condition are born with heart defects. I am one of those girls. I was born with what is called a bicuspid aortic valve, basically what it means is everyone’s aortic valve is suppose to look like a peace sign with 3 flaps pumping blood in and out of your body. In my heart 2 of those flaps were fused together and when I was 12 surgeons performed a procedure on me to separate the 2 flaps that were fused together. It was only a temporary fix and everyone understood this at the time. When I was 22 I had my first open heart surgery where they replaced the aortic valve with a bovine (cow) valve. That was in 2008, 7 years later I had to have an open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve yet again. I now have an artificial heart valve and have to be on Coumadin (a blood thinner) for the rest of my life; being on this drug involves checking my blood PTINR levels to see if my blood is too thin or too thick. If my blood is too thin or too thick I can have a stroke.

Because I have worked as either a CNA, waitress, or fast food employee my entire adult life I wasn’t always on insurance and wasn’t always taking the medications I should have been taking which has lead me to have osteoporosis which I have to take medication for. I also have a specific form of hypothyroidism known as hashimotos disease and I take levothyroxine for that. My endocrinologist has also recently discovered a growth on my thyroid. The doctor nor I know what it is yet, but he want to perform a sonogram of my thyroid every 3 months for the next year to see if whatever is growing on my thyroid is growing in size. If it is at that point he is going to perform a biopsy and investigate further into the matter.

Now, San Pedro Manor is a wonderful place to work and I have fortunate enough to have Insurance through them. How ever the insurance only covers about 80% of all medical cost and the other 20% falls on me to pay. Some of the test I have to see and some of the specialist I have to see are expensive and the 20% that falls on me can run anywhere from $600-$700 dollars.

When I go to school I will be returning to San Antonio to work 16 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday so I can still be considered a full time employee and keep the insurance. I would look for a job in Dallas however because of the warfarin insurance is a literal matter of life and death for me and I can not afford to be uninsured for 3 months or however long it takes me to get covered by insurance by my new job in Dallas. I intend to travel back and forth via greyhound as it is very cheap and affordable.

Working 60 hours a week will leave me roughly $469.80 every 2 weeks. 60% of my paycheck is going into a bank account I will not touch which will pay for school, books, and bills. The other 40% of my paycheck will go into an account I will use to feed my self and buy little essentials such as toiletries and what not. This is not going to leave me any room to pay for my medical expenses and school at the same time.

In order to raise money to get me through the 2 and a half year long Nuclear Medicine Tech program I have this GoFundMe page. All I am asking for is a small donation between $1-$5 and for you to get the word out by sharing it on all your social media platforms.

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