Company Turns “Back to School” Into an Adventure

2008-07-27 02:00:00

Company Turns “Back to School” Into an Adventure

Personalized adventures motivate children to return back to school.

Henderson, NV (EMWNews) July 27, 2008 — Referenced on YAHOO TECH as one of the best online services for parents, GIFTVENTURE continues to revolutionize gift giving. GIFTVENTURE has released two back-to-school adventures designed to generate excitement around the new school year. A Gifventure is a personalized adventure that leads to a gift you hide. The back-to-school adventure includes a story about fantasy characters requiring the child’s help in returning to their school in a mythical city. Parents can personalize the story with the child’s teacher’s name, school name, and favorite subject. Recommended gifts to hide include school supplies, such as notebooks, backpacks, lunchboxes, and pens. When the gift is discovered in its predetermined location, it is no longer just a present; it is a well-deserved prize at the end of a very satisfying and educational journey


A Gifventure is a personalized adventure that leads to a gift you hide. Ordering takes less than 5 minutes. To create a GIFTVENTURE, the gift giver goes to Simple questions are answered including the child’s name and interests. During registration, the giver enters a location where a gift they have purchased will be hidden. The answers are incorporated into a series of letters, making the adventure highly personalized.

When a GIFTVENTURE order is placed, the recipient receives a series of letters via U.S. Postal Service from a mythical character selected during registration. Characters can be dragons, pirates, pirncess fairies, or seasonal favorites such as the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. The letters arrive over a one-week period and introduce a puzzle that, once solved, leads to the location of a hidden gift. Solving the GIFTVENTURE teaches patience, organization, problem-solving and stimulates the imagination of the child who receives the gift. Children ages 4-12.

**GIFTVENTURE retails for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

For more information (including letters from kids and parent testimonials), visit

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