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Cypher Tech Inc. Announces Appointment of Angela Outlaw-Matheny to the Advisory Board

Cypher Tech, Inc, a forward-thinking company in the tech industry, is revolutionizing the corporate landscape with its solution to amplify employee experience. They are thrilled to announce the addition of Angela Outlaw-Matheny to the Advisory Board.

Austin, Texas Jun 18, 2024 ( – “Cypher Tech is delighted to announce Angela Outlaw-Matheny has joined our Advisory Board,” said Danish Jaffer, Founder and CEO. “Angela’s expertise is a significant asset, offering strategic direction through our fundraising endeavors and ensuring our financial partnerships reflect our commitment to our mission and principles. Her extensive experience and unwavering commitment are poised to make a substantial impact on Cypher Tech’s trajectory and success.”

About Angela Outlaw-Matheny

Mrs. Matheny is the esteemed Director of Diverse Manager Equity at Crewcial Partners, where she champions the investment strategies with the mission of non-profit organizations to amplify their societal impact. Her advocacy for racial equity in capital deployment is a testament to her dedication to economic justice.

With a mission to elevate underrepresented asset managers, Mrs. Matheny leverages Crewcial’s rigorous research process to level the playing field, offering fair opportunities to compete for significant capital investments.

“Advancing racial equity is more than a passion; it’s a purpose,” Mrs. Matheny asserts. “By guiding managers to effectively steward the $27 billion in assets under our management, we’re not only fostering equity but also cultivating robust portfolios through strategic diversification.”

Her impressive background in identifying and advocating for diverse asset managers and women-led firms is informed by her Brooklyn roots, driving her commitment to inclusivity in ownership equity.

Mrs. Matheny remarked on the timely introduction of the SafeSpace product, noting its critical role at the intersection of technology and HR. Mrs. Matheny added, “In today’s landscape, where employee engagement and retention are paramount, SafeSpace provides an essential tool for gathering authentic feedback, ensuring clarity and trust within the workplace.”

Mrs. Matheny’s LinkedIn

About Cypher Tech Inc.

Cypher Tech Inc. is pioneering products and solutions for creating an open, connected, and inclusive world for all.

Products and Services

SafeSpace empowers organizations to build inclusive and high-performing cultures where employees feel valued, heard, and empowered. Our comprehensive solution enables proactive issue identification and resolution, fostering a positive employee experience, engagement, and overall well-being.

CypherChat is a privacy-focused messaging platform prioritizing the right to privacy and expression for online communications.

AskCyph LITE is an AI chatbot that revolutionizes accessibility to AI by enabling in-browser AI Model execution, ensuring enhanced privacy and security for users. Democratizing AI, one conversation at a time.

Media Contact

Cypher Tech Inc.


Source :Cypher Tech Inc.

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