Disabled Father need help GoFundME Booster

I can’t work a ( substantial gain) job. I have tried to but can not handle the pain it causes. I have 2 children (teenagers) that live with me. My rent and basic bills are $1,500 a month. I have been denied Social Security and have to reapply again.

The first go around with SS took 3 years. This all started 21 years ago from a car accident when I was 23 years old. I had both of my hips broken and dislocated also broke my back. I now have osteoarthritis of both hips and degenerative disc disease of my back. I was homeless and living in a tent for a year. I tried going back to work but couldn’t handle the pain it was causing me after 6 weeks even with my Doctor increasing my pain medication. I just need enough to help keep a roof over the heads of my kids.

Their mother is not in a position to help at this time either. Please help only if you can and are willing to. Sharing this is helping also. This is a hard thing for me to do asking for handouts but I can’t help my kids right now without some help. I do Power Washing when I can. I get about 5 jobs a month and make around $600 to $800 each month. It’s not enough tho.

Plus it’s about to be winter. Thank you and God Bless.